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8th grader attacked by WOKE Principal.

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8th grader attacked by WOKE Principal.

Are you kidding me? At a local high school in the San Diego school district, an eighth grader was suspended because he was accused of being racist. This from the father.

The principal called J.A. into the office, and the next morning my wife and I showed up and he said, ‘He did blackface,’ and he was suspended for two days and was gonna be banned from sports.”

Ameduri said he then showed the Muirlands Middle School principal a photo from that night, which he thought would end the controversy and “vindicate” his son.

“He was like, ‘No, that’s blackface,'” Ameduri said.

“Anyone that has ever been to a sports game knows that this is very normal and these are kids that were playing hide and seek a few days prior at my house… half of the group are minorities, some of them African American, it’s just ridiculous that this would be a racial incident,” he said.

The family is now suing.




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