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What is Series.

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What is Series. There’s a great watch company out there that put out the YouTube videos below. All the videos have a message. A what is message. This company gives a great series of messages.

Égard, as a brand, goes beyond being a purveyor of men’s luxury watches. It steps forward as a beacon of traditional values, standing up for the importance of biological women in sports, respecting their unique competencies and strength, and advocates for fair competition.

In the face of the ‘defunding the police’ movement, Égard unflinchingly recognizes the vital role law enforcement plays in safeguarding our communities. It underlines the bravery and dedication of law enforcement personnel, acknowledging the sacrifices they make every day to ensure the safety and security of society.

Amidst the increasing social and cultural polarization, Égard stands as a staunch advocate of positivity, respect, and unity. The brand’s commitment to its values is exemplified in every watch it creates. It’s not just about creating beautiful timepieces—it’s about standing for something bigger than us.








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