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Liz Truss. One of my new world Heroes.

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Liz Truss. One of my new world Heroes. The former British Prime minister lasted a very short time. Biden and Europe’s deep state did her in. She had great plans to turn their economy around.

Below is the lefts attack on Liz. Some say she should have stayed and fight the good old boy network. When your own party joins in on the attack, you have little chance to succeed.

Liz now is starting a new Conservative movement in the UK. She spoke at CPAC and had some chilling things to say about Biden and the left. Time will tell if she succeeds.

Liz is just one example. Others are succedong where she failed. All over Europe the right is surging ahead. Everywhere you look, the left is losing – in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary and now, following an election victory for the New Democracy, Greece.

Alice Weidel, Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni (Composite via Getty Images)

The women of the new right are more concerned with protecting borders, jobs and families. They may differ about how much free trade and state intervention there should be. But they are united by their patriotism and refusal to be cowed by green ‘net zero’ agendas. They also oppose those who reject the reality of biological sex. As women, they are less easily accused of bigotry when they reject trans ideology. When they propose to abolish income tax for couples who have three or more children – as Meloni has done – they can’t be accused of male chauvinism.




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