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When is the truth called a lie? When it’s Ivermectin.

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When is the truth called a lie? When it’s Ivermectin. There was a recent study done on Ivermectin that actually showed that it worked. Here’s the numbers and you tell me.

People who received ivermectin were also less likely to be hospitalized or die, with 1.6 percent of ivermectin recipients being hospitalized or dying versus 4 percent of the comparison group, which received typical care, which in the UK is largely focused on managing symptoms. The time to self-reported recovery was a median of two days faster among the ivermectin recipients, according to the large UK study.

Ivermectin recipients also enjoyed a reduction of severe symptoms and sustained recovery, according to the study.The paper was published by the Journal of Infection on Feb. 29.

The study covered an open-label trial that involved 2,157 ivermectin recipients and 3,256 who received typical care from June 23, 2021, to July 1, 2022. Participants were randomized and reported symptoms and recovery




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