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Why did the White House leave out the Latinos? ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’

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Why did the White House leave out the Latinos? ‘Transgender Day of Visibility’. For some reason the WH left out our Chicanos friends on their announcement of this Transgender Day of Visibility.

The spanish version honored César Chávez Day. Which I also find amusing considering César Chávez was against the undocumented and used all the ethinc slurs out there when referring to the undocumented.

While the Biden administration wished followers of both pages a happy Easter, it was only the English-language account that celebrated the Transgender Day of Visibility on March 31. On “La Casa Bianca” page, the White House commemorated Cesar Chavez Day.

“Today we remember César Chávez and his noble efforts to bring dignity to the work of agricultural workers in our country,” the post said, according to a translation. “His legacy lives on in the administration’s values and its support for social justice and economic equality for organized labor.”





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