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Yes Virginia 500,000 left Florida, but a million moved there.

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Yes Virginia 500,000 left Florida, but a million moved there. I saw somewhere where someone tried to say how horrible Florida was and 500,000 folks left.

What was left out was this. one million folks moved there. So to me that’s a win win for Florida. Since the Obama- Biden Pandemic, no state has grown the way Florida has.

Florida, which has long attracted new residents thanks to its beaches and absence of state income tax, is getting an economic boost driven by young Americans seeking new opportunities. While the state benefits from this influx, it also faces challenges such as increased living costs that are sometimes less obvious, and it could hurt the residents and the state in the long run.

Florida’s population jumped by 1.9% from 2021 to 2022, with a net gain of 417,000 new residents, making it the fastest-growing state in the country. What’s more, an analysis of Census Bureau data published by Smart Asset in November indicated the state had become one of the “hot spots” for millennials. And more people may be looking to move there: A March 2023 report from the real-estate outlet RedFin found that Florida dominated the list of the cities Americans want to move to the most.

  • People are moving to Florida in record numbers, and not just retirees.
  • Young people are being lured by the weather, a lack of state income tax, and more job opportunities.






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