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Good news for Republicans the past week or so.

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Good news for Republicans the past week or so.

We had a few victories in both the courts and with the state legislators the past 7-10 days. Remember it’s the legislators and not the Secretary of State who make the laws.

In Florida. Judge Cannon spurned Smith’s demand that she quickly decide whether the personal documents claim will be relevant to the trial, saying making a decision at this stage would be “unprecedented and unjust”.

In New Mexico, a judge ruled in favor of an election integrity group — and also rebuked the state’s Democrat election officials for violating public disclosure rules pertaining to its voter rolls.

Wisconsin voters approved two amendments to the state’s constitution — making sure that private money to fund elections will be banned and that only election officials can administer elections.

Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen called on state lawmakers to pass measure LB764 to make the state’s electoral votes into a winner-take-all scenario.

Georgia — where the Georgia General Assembly actually passed three election integrity bills last Thursday.

The three bills — SB189, HB974, and HB1207 — ban unverifiable QR-coded voting and also require improved ballot chain of custody procedures to stop ballot fraud. They also mandate visible watermarks on all ballots to stop fake ballots.

On bill, SB189, mandates that all physical ballots are subject to Georgia Open Records law. The bills contain many more details to improve Georgia’s elections.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday blocked Biden’s plan to cancel loans for borrowers who claim they were victims of ‘misleading information’ by colleges.





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