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What doesn’t add up in the Braggs phony case.

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What doesn’t add up in the Braggs phony case. This from the start was weaponization of the justice department. Why would the number three man in the DOJ resign and come to work as an assistant in a local district court?

Assistant DA Matthew Colangelo (formerly Joe Biden’s number three official at the Justice Department) told the panel, “This case is about a criminal conspiracy.” But there’s no charge of conspiracy. And why would an assistant make the opening statement instead of the affirmative action DA Braggs? I guess I answered my own question.

Colangelo claimed election fraud numerous times. Federal Election Commission examined Trump’s payments to porn star Stormy Daniels and determined there was no fraud because the money conferred did not qualify as a campaign donation.  Federal prosecutors who investigated reached the same conclusion.  So did Bragg’s predecessor.  There was no crime.

Trump attorney Blanche offered a full-throated defense of his famous client when he declared to the jury, “President Trump is innocent.”  He described how Trump had nothing to do with the bookkeeping or the 34 invoices reflecting the same number of charged counts.  He assigned his lawyer at the time, Michael Cohen, to resolve the demands for money, which he did.  Cohen booked the cost as legal services and expenses, which they were.





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