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6 Big items from Trump’s Trial.

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6 Big items from Trump’s Trial. Newsmax has a nice list of 6 items that all should know about. To me it’s obvious that the Judge thinks he’s still back in Bogota. List is below.

1. Stormy Daniels May Have Auditioned for Apprentice

2. Pecker Said ‘Catch-and-Kill’ Stories Happened All the Time

3. Judge Juan Merchan’s Gag Order Lives On

4. We Still Don’t Know the Crime

5. Trump Is Accused of a Non-Crime

6. They’re Skirting the Constitution to Get Trump

“In order to get to where we are today, the state had to take a minor misdemeanor election filing, with statements that may have been untrue in corporate forms, which was long ago expired under the statute of limitations, and then try to turn it into a state felony by invoking a federal statute which they don’t even name, which they have no jurisdiction over,” Dershowitz told “Newsline.”




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