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Stories that the California MSM ignores.

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Stories that the California MSM ignores.

  1. Will 2024 Be The Year of the Second CA Taxpayer Revolt?
  2. Living in CA Imposes a $26,478.72 “Cost-of-Living Penalty” on Typical Middle-Class Family
  3. Primary Surprise: CA Republicans Have a Path to End the Democrats’ Super-Majority in 2024
  4. WATCH: Gas Prices Will Hit Record High — CA Gas Tax is Highest in Nation!
  5. DeMaio Files Brief with Supreme Court Defending CA Taxpayer Protection Initiative
  6. Reform California Endorses Financial Literacy Ballot Initiative to Replace Woke Curriculum in California
  7. WATCH: Can a New Ballot Measure Fix CA’s Woke School Curriculum?
  8. Carl DeMaio Proposes “California Secure Borders” Initiative to Combat Illegal Immigration
  9. WATCH: Democrats Want to Penalize Crime Victims, but the ‘Make Crime Illegal Again’ Initiative Can Stop the Insanity




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