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Stories you may have missed.

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Stories you may have missed.

Below are stories that were covered, but didn’t receive much MSM coverage. Of course that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

#10 – Cancer surgeon drops ivermectin bombshell, revealing its potency in fighting cancer.

#9 – Michael Cohen gets destroyed by Trump’s defense team in cross-examination.

#8 – Climate scientist suggests “culling” the human population with a deadly pandemic to lower carbon emissions.

#7 – Journalist Glenn Greenwald makes eye-opening prediction about Ukraine.

#6 – Dr. Peter McCullough issues urgent COVID vaccine warning to Donald Trump.

#5 – King Charles unveils hellish painting of himself.

#4 – Slovakia Prime Minister Robert Fico shot following criticisms of WHO Pandemic Treaty and Ukraine war.

#3 – UNC Chapel Hill abolishes DEI department and transfers all funds to campus cops.

#2 – Stephen A. Smith defends Aaron Rodgers’ COVID-19 vaccine stance.

#1 – Fourteen senators and MPs urge Australian Prime Minister to reject World Health Organization’s pandemic reforms.




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