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Actual Historian Dr. Mary Grabar Exposes Radicalization of ‘1619 Project’ Creator Nikole Hannah-Jones: She ‘Blames All White People and Her Country’ for Personal Issues

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A Breitbart News Reprint.

Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the debunked New York Times ‘1619 Project,’ “blames America for her family’s problems,” according to Mary Grabar, Ph.D., resident fellow at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization and author of Debunking The 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America and Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America.

Grabar joined Breitbart News Saturday with host Matthew Boyle to discuss the power of false historical narratives on American society and the danger in the proliferation of Hannah-Jones’s work and Critical Race Theory.

“She is not a historian,” Grabar said, explaining Hannah-Jones’s background is in journalism whose “beat is race,” and came to national prominence because in 2019, she proposed “upon remembering a high school black studies class … devoting a special issue to the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans at Jamestown” to the New York Times Magazine.


The magazine published a “completely distorted view … of what 1619 meant,” Grabar explained, continuing that Hannah-Jones’s view on this part of history “came almost exclusively from Lerone Bennett, who was this polemicist … and he’s also the one who coined the phrase ‘black power’ … and, of course, Stokely Carmichael took it up as a rallying cry, inspiring riots and mayhem.”

In the middle of the violent riots across the country in the summer of 2020, Hannah-Jones remarked in a tweet that “it would be an honor” to have the riots called “The 1619 Riots.” She later deleted the tweet.

Speaking about Hannah-Jones’s upbringing, Grabar remarked that “she has a black father and a white mother. The mother hardly ever gets any mention — she only focuses on the black side of her family.”

Hannah-Jones’s father was “discharged under murky circumstances” from the military and “had to take menial jobs for his entire life,” leading to the perception that “he’d been cheated,” Grabar said.

She also explained that Hannah-Jones was subject to the notorious busing policy of the 1960s and 1970s, where children were “taken away from their communities, from, you know, where their friends are from and where their churches are, into a sort of an alien place, and they have difficulties.”

The new book by journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, “The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story” is displayed at a New York City bookstore on November 17, 2021 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

She “was bused to a majority-white school in a nicer neighborhood,” Grabar said of Hannah-Jones. “So, from second grade, she was bused one hour each way to this nice school and she recently recounted how she observed the changes, as she was riding along, how the houses got nicer, you know, the streets were kept up, and she was going into this ‘white world,’ and there she claimed she was not taught black history.”

“From a historical perspective, we can see [how] the bad policies of the 1960s and 1970s, which produced busing, and produced these radical activists who are writing these false histories — these were being taught in the schools to people like Nikole Hannah-Jones, who has risen to the top by producing this false narrative of American history, and weaving it in with her own personal story,” Grabar said.

“So, someone who probably could have benefitted from psychotherapy is now being exalted and placed on a platform as a historian whose, you know, are worthy of being taught in schools K through 12, and at the college level,” she concluded.


Grabar explained that Hannah-Jones’s first experience with “black history” came when she was introduced to “this fraud of a historian” Lerone Bennett, “and that radicalized her.”

“And she says that she became incorrigible,” Grabar continued. “She would not say the Pledge of Allegiance, she began to hate America, and so she blames America for her family’s problems. … You’ve got a woman who seems very embittered, blames all white people and her country for problems that she had.”

Grabar explained that Hannah-Jones took on a “Marxist” worldview that she “uses to explain current events, through that historical lens, and the end game is a Marxist socialist revolution and also reparations.”

Mary Grabar is also the founder of the Dissident Prof. Education Project. Debunking Howard Zinn: Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America and Debunking the 1619 Project: Exposing the Plan to Divide America can be found on her website, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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School Boards across the country getting rid of the filth.

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Nation wide school boards cleansed themself of bad board members. Sweet


Education How sick is this?

Parent gives her concern, board president says F YOU. Los Alamitos School Board president apologizes after disparaging remark caught on ‘hot mic’

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Original KTLA  article is here.

A parent speaks from the heart and a Board President attacks her thinking her mike was turned off. She must have thought she was in Northern California.

There are calls for the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board of Education president to resign after she was captured on a “hot mic” uttering a disparaging comment against a parent at Tuesday’s board meeting.

Marlys Davidson has since issued an apology, noting that “when members of the public address the Board of Education, they must be heard with respect.”

“I reaffirm my commitment to serve our community with dignity and integrity, and I hope they will accept my sincere apology,” Davidson said. Lauren Roupoli, the parent who was insulted, said Davidson “needs to step down.” “After her true colors showed last night, there’s no taking that back,” Roupoli said.

She accused one board member of criticizing parents for voicing their legitimate concerns and drew applause when she said, “We are vocal because we are our children’s biggest advocates.”

Her comment apparently did not sit well with Marlys Davidson, the board’s president, who was picked up on a hot mic saying, “F— you,” during the applause.



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NSBA goes to Joe Biden, who goes to the AG, who goes after Joe Bag of Donuts and his wife and now the NSBA apologizes?

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The NSBA ( National School Board Association ) went crying to the feds about parent at school board meetings. We now find out that the whole time the NSBA was working with Joe Biden to go after parents nationwide. Now the NSBA leadership did this without input from school boards nationwide. Now that the NSBA was caught with their pants down, they sent out a letter of apology.

Not to the parents that they attacked, but to the school boards who had no clue of what was done. I checked with my local school board and the one member didn’t know that the NBSA went to the feds or Joe Biden. First read it and saw it in the media.

The letter was tweeted by the Oregon School Boards Association, whose executive director Jim Green said in a statement: ۔

“That doesn’t mean the core issue – protecting volunteer school board members from intimidation and violence – is not important. It is,” Green added. “But the NSBA acknowledges that the words it has used have alienated many parents, our key partners in public schools. With this apology, I hope the national organization learns from experience and Move forward

Emails received earlier this week. The group defending education on behalf of the parents indicated that board members were not consulted. About the September 29 letter., Who suggested that parents who object. Order of the mask And to impose Critical race theory Engaged in “a form of domestic terrorism” in the classroom.




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Save the children of California. Take the personal belief exemption.

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If you live in California and have a young child, save their life. Claim a personal belief exemption. So far the California governor hasn’t gotten his 12 year old vaccinated. Seems as if there’s other shots that are more important. I guess the governor feels that it’s not that big of a deal for children if he hasn’t had her take the jab or jabs. Guess he’s using the personal belief exemption. Is he trying to say that this pandemic isn’t as dangerous as what the media want us to believe?

When Gov. Gavin Newsom said last week that California would require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19, a critical caveat was tucked within the nation-leading announcement: Parents can opt their children out of inoculation based on personal beliefs.

So beside Medical and Religious, you now have personal beliefs. Sweet.



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5 Big Questions for Rep. Kat Cammack.

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Original article first published here.

5 Big Questions for Rep. Kat Cammack.

Rep. Kat Cammack (FL-03) spoke with Campus Reform about the future of America’s workforce, Florida’s new campus free speech law, and the opportunities available to today’s students.

Cammack praised the expanded opportunities that are available for students to specialize within fields of study while noting that some degrees are far more relevant to the workforce than others. “I think there should be an understanding  or at least just recognition of hey, if I’m getting a degree in underwater basket weaving, that probably isn’t an in-demand type field,” she said. “But if you are an engineer, if you are in information operations or technology, if you are in, heck, even some of the business and construction industries, anything in science, those are industries that are in demand.”

American education, Cammack said, needs to return to the basics of knowledge and critical thinking. “We have taken so many of the core elements of what an education is and should be and replaced it with nonsense like this critical race theory that is teaching kids how to be hateful.”



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Happy Federal Holiday. Columbus coming to the Americas in 1492.

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So no the man the myth the legend didn’t discover the Americas, but he did start what would be colonization here and a federal holiday  and a holiday in many other countries in the Americas.

Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere, and a federal holiday in the United States, which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus‘s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.[a]

Christopher Columbus was a Genovese-born explorer who became a subject of the Hispanic Monarchy in order to lead a Spanish enterprise to cross the Atlantic Ocean in search of an alternative route to the Far East, only to land in the New World. Columbus’s first voyage to the New World on the Spanish ships Santa María, Niña, and La Pinta took approximately three months. Columbus and his crew’s arrival in the New World initiated the colonisation of the Americas by Spain, followed in the ensuing centuries by other European powers, as well as the transfer of plants, animals, culture, human populations, and technology between the New World and the Old World, an event referred to by some late 20th‐century historians as the Columbian Exchange

Not all were happy with what’s happened the past 5 hundred plus years. And some white plantationists actually attack what was done by Columbus. One should be grateful cause if not for Columbus this person wouldn’t be here. Never forget what happened to Benito’s other mistress.


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School board meetings show only that freedom is messy.

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Original Washington Examiner can be found here.


More and more school boards are defying the voters who put them in. Also we see that many of the board members don’t have children in the school systems. So what’s the answer?

Twenty years ago, Paul Carson said he never would have hesitated speaking out at a school board meeting about any issue affecting his children’s education.

But one day, that changed. “I just don’t do it,” Carson told me. A physician who practices medicine in an urban Pittsburgh hospital, Carson said it has nothing to do with his being 20 years older. “It has everything to do with the culture we are navigating.”

Anyone, he said, can take a video of what you say, edit it to his or her advantage, then post it on social media. Or they can just simply claim on social media that you are a racist or extremist because you express an opinion outside the sensitivities of the cultural curators who define what is acceptable and what is not in our country.

When Carson used a media platform in discussions about school district issues , as he did last year when the children in the Pittsburgh Public Schools went for months without in-person education, he said he had to be “profoundly cautious” in expressing his views.

AG Garland is now using the FBI against parents on the grounds that school board members feel threatened. But what does “threatened” look like? Is it someone yelling at you? Disagreeing with you? Holding an opposing opinion? Who is defining those threats?

This memo wasn’t just designed to target those who would commit violence. It was also clearly designed to stop regular people with real concerns from voicing those concerns because of the fear anything they say will deem them a domestic terrorist, an event that would destroy their personal, community, and professional lives.

It is downright chilling to think that there are parents out there who are worried that they are going to end up on a government list or under some type of government scrutiny if they decide to go into a school board meeting to give a public comment on an issue.

It is inconceivable that the federal government today wants to squash that freedom through vague rules and intimidation. Garland seems to be making the calculation that the parents of this world will cower under the concern the government is watching them. Edited.

In the beginning, maybe they will. But in the long run, the air of intimidation probably won’t last. There comes a point when those feeling the threat go from being on the fringe of society to being the majority.


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New Category. Just my own thoughts. Parents using children for their political views.

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I’ve decided to add a new category on this channel. Just my own thoughts. It will cover most categories but from a personal view. Everything is game except for Religion. You can make suggestions. Doesn’t have to be about politics, but don’t most topics seem to turn that way? So send me your ideas and if you would like to write an article, let me know. Today I would like to discuss children being used for their parents political views.

Some parents have no shame. Putting their children out there to push their political views. It really took off when the parents of Greta Thunberg put a 16 year old child telling us the world will end if we don’t listen to her. She turned out to be a joke. Sure she’s 18 or 19 and giving us the same old tired left wing theories but beside fanatics, is anyone listening?

Now we’re seeing children speaking out at school board meetings. 10-12  year olds telling us they want to learn the proper way to put on  condom or make masks mandatory so they don’t die.  Oh really?

Your thoughts are the children really thinking about this or are the parents gutless or ball less so they have the little ones put their views forward? What say you?

What the children should be doing.

See how that works?



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Extremist hate group forces Senator to lock herself in the bathroom.

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Extremist hate group forces Senator to lock herself in the bathroom. A noted group of leftists called LUCHA attempted to force a sitting United States Senator to go along with their terrorist views.

In the video posted by LUCHA Arizona, a group of students is seen attempting to stop Sinema outside her classroom at Arizona State University to ask her questions about the Build Back Better Agenda on Sunday morning. The group of students then follows Sinema into the bathroom. One student, Blanca, is seen talking to Sinema about the SB1070 law, which is Arizona’s immigration law. Every state should adopt similar laws.

Your Grandparents got deported cause they broke the law. And if the person who was harassing the Senator is undocumented, she should also be deported.


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