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Democrat Election Interference has begun.

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Democrat Election Interference has begun. Well our progressive friends decided to not wait until election day to try and sway the 2024 election their way. In several states the left has already started.

In Michigan the Secretary of State is telling the county poll judges to not match signatures that are on file with the ballots. If it looks good, accept it.

In Pennsylvania Republicans went to court. Democrats wanted mail in ballots (like the last time) counted if not dated. Law wasn’t inforced in 2020. But in 2022,In the 2022 midterms, more than 7,600 mailed ballots in 12 counties were tossed because their outer envelopes lacked dates or had incorrect dates, according to the decision.

And in New Jersey, Federal judges ruling rejects a ballot design that placed candidates supported by a county’s party bosses or selected by a secret vote of county party officials in a prominent position — and now requires them to be listed according to the office they seek.



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