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Democrat County Supervisor indicted on 82 counts of voter fraud

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But we were told that voter fraud doesn’t exist. One loon in Northern California went as far as saying that in all 50 states that there was one case of voter fraud and it was a Republican.

A Democrat Virginia Board of Supervisors’ member has been indicted on 82 mostly election-related felony charges a Commonwealth Attorney announced May 3.

“The Special Grand Jury indicted Trey Adkins and Sherry Lynn Bailey for several election related offenses,” said  Commonwealth Attorney Zack Stoots in a Facebook statement. “Adkins was also indicted for embezzlement of public funds while being in a position of public office.”

“During each election cycle, Mr. Adkins relied on a number of absentee ballot applications and votes,” Clevinger reportedly said. “He personally campaigned to a number of homes in the Knox District and in 2019, took hundreds of ballot applications to residents, filled them out and turned them in to the local Registrar.”







What Voting Issues must change before 2022.

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What Voting Issues must change before 2022. We still don’t have a decision on a President, several Senate races, and over 30 house races. Why is this? Mail in voting, voting past election day, ballot harvesting, etc. How do we fix this.

All absentee and mail in ballots must be turned in two weeks before election day. Only ballots counted after election day would be military and over seas.

Finally the Supreme Court needs to declare ballot harvesting illegal. A stranger should not be allowed to turn in hundreds and in some cases thousands of ballots.



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