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Blacks killing Blacks in Baltimore blamed on “White Supremacists”

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Race baiters can’t let a tragedy go to waste to suit their narrative.

The original tweet: said: Currently a significant police and medical deployment has been initiated in response to a mass shooting that occurred during a large gathering that was taking place in Brooklyn Homes, Baltimore Maryland. Law enforcement authorities have reported a total of 30 individuals has been shot with gunshot wounds, out of which four fatalities have been also confirmed.


Contrasted with this retweet: White supremacists, using illegal firearms, shot at least 30 Black victims killing at least 2 in Maryland last night. The suspects had very dark complexions and are considered armed and dangerous.

Hmm. “White Supremacists  using illegal firearms” with “very dark complexions.” Does anyone else see the totally obvious contradiction in those two quoted phrases?

This was a black-on-black crime.

Whites didn’t commit it. Otherwise, this idiot would have claimed they had put on blackface to disguise their race/ethnicity. No, this is just another case of someone fomenting conflict to divide the country.

(Some) light-skinned blacks look down on darker-skinned ones. And some dark-skinned ones want to be fairer. Why did Nicki Minaj bleach her skin?

This same-race racism was true 50+ years ago and is still true today. Calling someone back then a “nappy-headed n*gger” or “Uncle Tom/Oreo” between blacks was a definite insult and sometimes led to a fight.

Lazy blacks also seem to look down on successful blacks (except in sports/entertainment, maybe) because they give lie to the constant whine that they — being black — can’t succeed solely because they are “oppressed.”

And, of course, these self-identified victims whine about being called out on their self-centeredness. See: “Why White Racist Humor Is No Joke for Black People” where they whine that whites like black comedy that deprecates blacks. The OpEd — written under the pseudonym of “Gus Renegade” in the ATLANTA BLACK STAR in 2015 — blatantly panders to black racism while blaming everything on whites and attacking Chris Rock and Trevor Noah for not following the narrative.

“There’s Black folks and then there’s …n*ggers.”

As Chris Rock himself said in an HBO-recorded show, “…there’s black folks, and then there’s n*ggers.” He even said that regular blacks look down on these troublemakers for the same reasons everyone else does: because they are troublemakers.

That’s not to say that there are no racist whites; there are, and they’re almost exclusively far-left Democrats. Or, as my colleague MC calls them: “White plantationists.”

Typical leftist tactics being supported by their own victims, SMH.

What say you?



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