Lexington council fires officer for sending information on cops to BLM protesters.

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Is this what happens when you work with a noted hate group? Lexington council fires officer for sending information on cops to BLM protesters. What this officer did actually put the lives of his fellow officers in danger. Information about other officers working protests that could be used to “insult, intimidate and harass.”

The officer at first denied what he had done, but when confronted with proof, he admitted passing the information. Lexington police Chief Lawrence Weathers and an internal police disciplinary board had recommended Middleton’s firing over several policy violations for sharing department information and for allegedly lying about it.

He had also been demoted recently for a separate complaint related to accusations he used department resources to look up information about a woman he had once been romantically involved with.

The ACLU of Kentucky said this. “While Officer Middleton’s actions may warrant some level of disciplinary action, they also felt the punishment was harsh. Played the race card. it is particularly concerning he was more swiftly investigated and harshly punished

Lexington police Chief Lawrence Weathers who fired the officer is also black.





Now will he go after the main hate group out there? Biden publicly condemns Antifa following criticism from the right.

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Now will he go after the main hate group out there? Biden publicly condemns Antifa following criticism from the right. Finally after all these months Joe Biden condemned part of his base, Antifa.

Joe Biden countered criticism that he’s been soft on aggressive protesters, arguing he’s disavowed antifa while President Trump hasn’t distanced himself for its far-right counterparts.

Back in 2017 President Trump has condemed the hate groups from the right. But to this day Joe refuses to recognize that this has been done. Why is that Joe?

The 2020 Democratic presidential nominee and two-term vice president was asked whether he denounced antifa, a left-wing protest movement that says it opposes fascism but that critics say is actually an effort to foment violence.

“Yes, I do — violence, no matter who it is,” he told Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based NBC affiliate WGAL on Sunday.

Now America is waiting to see if he will also condemn BLM, A VERY LARGE PORTION OF HIS BASE.

What say you?





Hate Group disrupts diners in Pittsburgh.

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Hate Group disrupts diners in Pittsburgh. Authorities in Pittsburgh, Pa., said they were investigating a newly released video that appeared to show protesters confronting outdoor diners in the city’s downtown on Saturday, a report said.

Footage from a demonstration in Downtown Pittsburgh over the weekend is blowing up on social media. The viral video showed demonstrators and restaurant-goers clashing in the streets.

According to a statement released to KDKA by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, officials are reviewing video of the incident and encourage anyone impacted or assaulted during the protest to file a police report. Attorney Scott Brady calls the video “unacceptable” and says he’ll work closely with police “to identify and hold these provocateurs accountable.”

KDKA spoke with one of the demonstrators from the video captured along Penn Avenue who said there is more to the story.

The woman who posted the viral Facebook video online said she was “shocked” when the crowd rolled past her dinner table. The video showed protesters screaming insults at restaurant-goers as some left their tables.

A person can be seen walking over to an elderly couple, grabbing a beer off their table and drinking it.

Another video showed demonstrators chasing away a group of people who rode their bikes through the crowd. One of the riders is seen in the video smacking a bullhorn that belonged to one of the protesters, then getting whacked over the helmet with a skateboard.

Usually they act like this only after dark when the local news posted how peaceful they are. But it looks as if that has now changed. Showing their true colors.



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