Thanks Fauci, CDC, FDA, NIH. You hurt the youth because of COVID LIES.

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Thanks Fauci, CDC, FDA, NIH. You hurt the youth because of COVID LIES.

On last Tuesday’s edition of NBC’s “Hallie Jackson Reports,” host Hallie Jackson discussed a new study on the learning loss caused by COVID school closures and acknowledged that politics played a role in school closure policies, but also stated that people under 20 were “not necessarily less likely to spread” the virus and “experts we spoke with say the impact on stopping the spread depends on the school.”

Jackson said, “New research finding what does happen: The shutdowns coming at a steep cost to students, start with the learning loss, a study led by researchers at Harvard and Stanford found school districts that spent most of the 2020-2021 school year remote saw students fall more than half a grade behind in math on average, more than districts that spent most of the year in-person. Lower-income students ended up hurt the most, whether they went back to school sooner or stayed mostly at home that year. Politics also playing a role, Republican-led states re-opening faster than those run by Democrats.”

She added, “Question is, did closures slow COVID down? Data we now have shows people under 20 were half as likely to catch COVID, but not necessarily less likely to spread it. And experts we spoke with say the impact on stopping the spread depends on the school.”

She then played video of Pediatrics-Infectious Diseases Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Dr. Sean O’Leary stating, “By the summer of 2020, we did have some data from — primarily from Europe showing that kids could be safely in school. But again, circumstances, some schools were able to do that. Other schools just simply could not do it.”

Jackson then stated, “But the academic damage is done. And even now, national test scores from spring 2023 show students 3rd through 8th grade overall have not rebounded from what they lost in math.”


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FDA and the CDC knew, but the CDC never released the facts. The CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert But Never Sent It.

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FDA and the CDC knew, but the CDC never released the facts. The CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert but Never Sent It. I did an article the other day about how the FDA report on the dangers of the Vaccine was and no one paid attention.

Now we find out that the CDC Drafted a Vaccine-Related Myocarditis Alert but for some reason, kept it secret and never released it.

The Epoch Times reported:

“The CDC started receiving reports of post-vaccination myocarditis in January 2021 and either failed to detect or ignored a safety signal for myocarditis and the mRNA shots the following month … The agency also hid a warning from Israel, the country that first vaccinated young people, who face the highest risk of myocarditis from COVID-19 vaccination.”

Rather than disseminating the myocarditis risk via the Health Alert Network (HAN), a platform that would have actually alerted the public, the CDC chose to bury the details in a document titled “Clinical Considerations.”


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WHO, CDC, FDA, and the NIH, You have no one to blame but yourself.

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WHO, CDC, FDA, and the NIH, You have no one to blame but yourself. Now as we enter what’s called the cold and flu season, the four organizations that have given us a renewal of the little chicken sky is falling.

Ever since 2020 these organizations have been all over the map with what to do or how to do things when it comes to COVID. Tony the Fauch was the ringleader in all of this.

Now we’re hearing about this new Chineese virus that again has the world in a panic Some say that the recent cases of this virus is what showed up in Ohio and Massachutes.

Of course China and the CDC are saying that it’s just a case of ‘white lung syndrome’. Now this virus is attacking mostly children. Anyone seeing another lockdown?


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CDC Altered Minnesota Death Certificates that List a Covid Vaccine as a Cause of Death

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By Aaron HertzbergAaron Hertzberg   July 3, 2023  
By Aaron HertzbergAaron Hertzberg   July 3, 2023
Someone (who needs to remain anonymous) was able to obtain the death certificates from Minnesota for all deaths that occurred from 2015 to the present, which presented the opportunity to see if the CDC is being entirely honest about the US death data. Unsurprisingly, the CDC is not.

As we shall document, the CDC is concealing references to a covid vaccine on Minnesota death certificates (that are exceedingly rare to begin with because of widespread medical establishment denialism of vaccine adverse side effects). In almost every death certificate that identifies a covid vaccine as a cause of death, the CDC committed data fraud by not assigning the ICD 10 code for vaccine side effects to the causes of death listed on the death certificate.


When someone dies, there is a death certificate that is filled out for official/legal purposes. Death certificates contain a lot of information (some states include more than others), including the causes of death (CoD).

Causes of death refer to the medical conditions that ultimately played some role in the demise of the decedent. To qualify as a CoD, a condition only needs to contribute to the medical decline of the decedent in some way, but doesn’t have to be directly responsible for whatever ultimately killed the person. If someone had high blood pressure, and subsequently suffered a heart attack that led to cardiac arrest which killed them, all three conditions qualify as CoD. On the other hand, this unfortunate fellow’s ingrown toenail is not a cause of death, because it in no way contributed to their demise.

This is from the CDC’s own guidance explaining how to properly fill out CoD’s on a death certificate (you don’t need to understand the difference between Cause A, B, etc, for this article):

The critical thing to keep in mind is that the person filling out the death certificate writes a text description of the CoD’s, but doesn’t assign the ICD 10 codes for the CoD’s.

That’s the CDC’s job.

ICD 10 Coding System for CoD’s

There is a fancy coding system that is used to classify the many thousands of medical conditions that can play a role in death known as the International Classification of Diseases. Every few years, it is updated/revised to keep up with new medical (or bureaucratic) developments as new conditions are discovered, and old conditions are reorganized or reclassified.

The current iteration of the ICD used for the deaths we’re looking at is the ICD 10 (the 10th version). It is basically a hierarchical classification system:


There are codes for practically every random weird thing you can think of:

There are codes for practically every random weird thing you can think of:

These are categories themselves – a code can go as 7 characters long:

SOURCE — from the CDC

ICD 10 Codes for Covid Vaccine Side Effects

There are two ICD 10 codes for vaccine side effects that can be broadly used for the covid vaccines – T88.1 and Y59.0:

T88.1 – Other complications following immunization, not elsewhere classified.

Y59.0 – Viral vaccines

(There are other ICD 10 codes for various specific complications or side effects of vaccines, but the point remains that an ICD 10 code for vaccine side effects exists.)

CDC – Centers for Data Concealment

The CDC receives the death certificates from the various states and applies ICD 10 codes. This is primarily done with a secret algorithm, with a tiny percentage of cases adjudicated by CDC staff when the algorithm is unable to confidently assign an ICD code to the text description written on the actual death certificate (such as confounding spelling or a text description that does not make much sense). I confirmed this with a biostatistician who works for a DoH in a US state (I’m leaving out which one because I want to preserve my persona grata status). The individual who obtained the MN death certificates likewise confirmed with state officials that the ICD codes in their data were assigned by the CDC.

What a death certificate identifying a covid vaccine as a CoD *should* look like

There are three death certificates in the MN tranche that contain either T88.1 or Y59.0. One is for a flu vaccine reaction, and – surprisingly – the other two are for a covid vaccine.

Note – when used below: 

UCoD (Underlying Cause of Death) refers to “the disease or injury that initiated the train of events leading directly to death, or the circumstances of the accident or violence which produced the fatal injury.”

MCoD (Multiple Causes of Death) refers to “the immediate cause of death and all other intermediate and contributory conditions listed on the death certificate.” (everything else)

The first death certificate contains a covid vaccine ICD (below), and it looks like the CDC was trapped and could not avoid putting it on without fundamentally rewriting the death certificate, because the vaccine complication is unambiguously listed as the UCoD (this death certificate is saying the person was killed by a heart attack caused by the covid vaccine within minutes of injection):

The second death certificate the CDC deigned to assign a vaccine ICD (and not only one but *BOTH* vaccine ICD codes(!!)) feels like perhaps a rogue CDC employee was working that day and snuck it in:

In any event, as we can clearly see, both T88.1 and Y59.0 are indeed appropriate for when a covid vaccine is listed as a CoD. Thus the CDC cannot claim that there was no official ICD 10 code that could be used to designate covid vaccines (or any other excuse).


With that introduction, below are 7 death certificates from Minnesota that identify a covid vaccine as a cause of death where the CDC omitted the corresponding ICD 10 code identifying a vaccine side effect when the CDC assigned ICD codes to the death certificates.

The first fraudulently filled out death certificate offers a crucial detail highlighting not only the fraud but the naked double standards for assigning CoD’s.

This death certificate identifies both a covid vaccine and covid itself as contributory CoD’s (in the last row highlighted in yellow, vaccine underlined in green, covid in blue):

  • “covid vaccine second dose 10 hrs prior to death”
  • “history of covid infection in May 2020” (about 7-8 months prior to death)

Any remotely objective person would presume that if a condition that occurred 7 months prior without any clear link to the actual death still nevertheless meets the standard for being identified as a CoD, then surely a condition or event that occurred a mere TEN HOURS before death identified by the doctor filling out the death certificate merits inclusion as a CoD.

Yet, the CDC assigned U70.1 – “COVID-19, virus identified” – for covid, but neglected to assign T88.1 or Y59.0 for the covid vaccine.

A second point to highlight is that we see that anything mentioned as a CoD, even in the context of “history of” that had (presumably) been long resolved, is a legitimate CoD insofar as assigning an ICD 10 code and epidemiological data are concerned.

This decedent suffered a cardiac arrest that ultimately led to her death *ONE DAY* after being vaccinated.

(For the record, I am not bothered by the “though it’s not clear as to any mechanism for how the vaccine could have led to the cardiac arrest” line. This death occurred February 24, 2021 – well before there was any sort of public awareness about the multiple plausible mechanisms by which the vaccine could cause heart damage. So to me, whoever filled out the death certificate was a gutsy fellow willing to identify a covid vaccine on a death certificate that had his name on it.)

Fraudulent Death Certificate #3

This death certificate doesn’t merely identify a covid vaccine, it explains that the decedent “felt sick after the vaccine” and died 4 days later from a heart attack. Yet, no T88.1 or Y59.0.

This death certificate provides that the decedent received her second dose of Pfizer 18 days prior to her death.

Here we have a 65-year-old male who was killed by a heart attack 12 days after getting vaccinated.

This case is especially noteworthy. Someone involved with this death informed me that the family had to pressure the coroner to put the recent covid booster on the death certificate. A family member also filed a VAERS report themselves, after the patient’s doctors declined to do so.

Furthermore, the CDC applied W34 as the UCoD. What is W34 for?


‘accidental discharge and malfunction from other and unspecified firearms and guns.’

There is no mention of any firearms mishaps on the death certificate.

One would have to wonder how such an errant code came to be, especially on a death certificate that contains other ICD 10 shenanigans. It is unlikely that ‘Y590’ or ‘T881’ would be ‘misspelled’ or algorithmically mixed up with ‘W34.’

Perhaps if there were no other instances of fraudulent omittance of vaccine ICD codes on other death certificates, and the CDC wasn’t in the habit of routinely assigning U07.1 for a covid infection that resolved a year ago, the failure to include T88.1 or Y59.0 here could be excused.

At minimum, this death certificate should contain T88.0 – ‘Infection following immunization’ – to document the breakthrough infection (which is a subject for a separate article as this seems to be fairly widespread).

Additional Observations

The following table shows the date of death and age for all 9 death certificates shown above that identified a covid vaccine as a CoD:

It is striking that 7/9 died before May 2021. This is odd – if anything, the deaths should skew later, not earlier. Vaccine adverse events were denied – with maximum prejudice and then some – for many months before the medical mainstream has finally (begrudgingly) started to acknowledge that the covid vaccines can trigger potentially lethal pathologies (in exceedingly rare instances to be sure).

The clustering of death certificates mentioning a covid vaccine at the beginning of the rollout suggests that ‘administrative’ interference likely played a role in discouraging coroners from mentioning a covid vaccine on death certificates.

Another noteworthy tidbit here is the age of the decedents: every single one is a senior citizen, and the average age of the decedents is 80. This is important to highlight because whereas young people “dying suddenly” stands out, there has been much less attention or acknowledgement of the covid vaccine’s devastating toll upon the old and frail, where deaths – even those that occur in close proximity to vaccination – are readily attributed to prior health conditions.

Finally, the actions of the CDC call into question whether the CDC is altogether qualified or trustworthy enough to be the steward of the nation’s epidemiological data. The CDC manages many of the datasets that underpin whole fields of study. If the CDC is willing to fraudulently alter data (or even if the CDC is just too incompetent to avoid corrupting data), all data under the aegis of the CDC is potentially suspect, especially if it relates to a controversial political or social issue. The implications of this are disturbing, to say the least.


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Looking. Testimony of Lies: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Perjured Herself Twice Before Congress

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Originally Published on

“Dr. Walensky seemed less cool in this appearance for Congress. This is the least composed and the most nervous, I feel, like I’ve seen this woman who’s usually kind of cool as a cucumber,” noted conservative podcaster Emerald Robinson Thursday. She also “perjured herself twice,” expressed special guest and DailyClout CEO Dr. Naomi Wolf.

The soon-to-be former CDC Director (June 30), Rochelle Walensky, testified before Congress for two hours on Tuesday. Here are some of the “key takeaways,” as provided by the Committee on Oversight and Accountability:

Key Takeaways

• CDC Director Walensky confirmed that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) promoted prolonged school closures that harmed America’s children.

• When America faced a public health crisis and turned to the CDC for help and guidance, the CDC provided misguided, unscientific, confusing, and at times blatantly false answers.

• AFT President Randi Weingarten had a direct line to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky’s personal and professional cellphones — raising further questions about potential political influence at the CDC.

• Dr. Rochelle Walensky testified that she spoke in her capacity as CDC Director during a White House briefing in February 2021. The Biden White House’s claim that her statements were made in her “personal” capacity when discussing school reopenings and vaccinations for teachers was false.

• Public health officials and organizations — including the CDC — must be held accountable for their failures and false statements during the pandemic in order to earn back the trust of Americans.

• The CDC needs structural reform to address current information and infrastructure issues, lack of transparency within the agency, and processes surrounding guidance publication.

One moment that garnered a lot of attention was Dr. Walensky’s exchange with Rep. James Comer (R-KY).

Rep. Comer asked Dr. Walensky several times about the CDC’s role in pressuring social media companies like Facebook, now Meta, to censor opinions that ran contrary to the CDC’s, to which Dr. Walensky continually answered, “That topic is one that is under litigation in the courts, so I will not be speaking to that.”

Dr. Naomi Wolf responded to such statements. “Dr. Walensky, when she said, I can’t speak to that because it’s under litigation, two Attorneys General, one from Missouri, and one from Louisiana, have sued and disclosed that, in fact, she the CDC, she right there, that woman was colluding with Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter, DHS, and the White House to censor information, including from yours truly right here in June of 2021, to warn women that there were menstrual problems subsequent to this injection, which, of course, has resulted two years later in fertility problems.”

“She did that, and he [Mark Zuckerberg] did that,” Dr. Wolf continued. “And now that the truth is coming out because of people like you and me and the hard work that we’re doing, and our 3500 volunteers. Now they’re like, ‘Oh, really bad that the government pushed us to censor things that might have been true.’ Well, yes. Mark Zuckerberg. They were true. And he’s injured so many women and babies and killed babies as a result of censoring that. And when Dr. Walensky said it’s under litigation, we’re suing her. George Smith, our lawyer in Ohio, sued her, and many other people are suing her for having lied and injured Americans as a result.”

Dr. Walensky was also “jumpy,” observed Dr. Wolf. “My husband’s a body language expert, and so it’s interesting watching this with him.” The man who appeared to be Dr. Walensky’s lawyer in the background often covered his mouth when Dr. Walensky had “blown it.” “And she blew it a couple of times,” remarked Dr. Wolf, but she also “lied twice.”

Here are those two lies, as outlined by Dr. Naomi Wolf.

Lie One: when Dr. Walensky stated that she didn’t know the COVID shots didn’t stop transmission when she touted “95% effective” to the American people.

“Well, our experts, our report [73] has shown that she knew perfectly well she was lying at the time she said that to Americans — that our experts found that Pfizer knew in November of 2020, which means she knew because she had the same documents, that the vaccines did not work to stop COVID,” stated Dr. Wolf.

“And in fact, Pfizer got rid of [at least] 200 vaccinated COVID-sick people in their trials in order falsely to make the claim that they were 95% effective. But the fact that they got rid of those 200-[plus] sick people is right there in the documents that Rochelle Walensky was given.”

Dr. Chris Flowers, MD, attests that if those 200-plus people who were excluded from Pfizer’s clinical trials with COVID-like symptoms had been included, it would have shown that Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots actually had “negative efficacy.” Dr. Chris Flowers breaks down the data in this interview.

Lie Two: when Dr. Walensky stated you couldn’t transmit COVID while vaccinated.

“This was the basis for the illegal mandates,” lamented Dr. Wolf. “Well, she knew perfectly well at the time she said it that that was a lie. And in fact, the Pfizer Documents show, as of November 2020, that the vaccines didn’t work to stop transmission — that there was vaccine failure and failure of efficacy. So she categorically lied to Congress twice,” Dr. Wolf asserted.

In fact, Dutch MEP Rob Roos got a Pfizer spokesperson (J. Small) to admit that the pharmaceutical giant never confirmed its COVID shots stopped transmission because it had to “move at the speed of science.”

More Lies: Dr. Walensky’s verbal exchange with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA).

Dr. Wolf expressed she was “frustrated watching this hearing because all of the evidence that these interrogators on the right needed is in our Pfizer Documents book. For the most part, they didn’t ask the right questions or the right follow-up questions, except for Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

Here’s the summarized transcript of that interaction:

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: “I’d also like to talk to you on behalf of all the pregnant women, not people, as you call them. This has also been ignored, the amount of miscarriages and stillbirths that increased drastically due to your advice to get vaccinated. Pregnant women, again, not people. But my question for you today, Dr. Walensky, is now that you’re going to be leaving the CDC pretty soon, what job are you going to take? Are you going to be on the board of either Pfizer or Moderna? Because you’ve done one hell of a job at making sure that they’ve made a lot of money. And I yield back.”

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: “Thank you for that question. Maybe first, I will comment that CDC is not responsible for the purchase of vaccines. So I can’t speak to all of the economics that you spoke to. I do want to talk [for] a minute about the Vaccine Adverse Reporting — that Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. So that system is intended for any person who has gotten a vaccine if they have an untoward event after that vaccine, whether or not it is related to the vaccine they report. It is intended to have an overreporting. All of the vaccines — not all — most of the vaccines that were being given. Remember, we gave 676 million doses of the vaccine. Any adverse event, if you got hit by a truck after you got your vaccine, that was reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. We at CDC have a responsibility to comb through every single one of them to review the medical charts and to see if they are related. We review all of the things that come into the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. I’d be happy to have our staff educate your staff on the —”

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE: “I don’t want my staff educated. You should educate the American people about what you’ve done [with] 1.5 million reports because they feel like you’ve done nothing and continue to say ‘safe and effective.’”

ROCHELLE WALENSKY: “Maybe I will just close my saying I don’t have plans after I step down.”

“So many lies. Lies upon lies,” responded Dr. Naomi Wolf.

“She’s using her education, her access, her resources to hurt and injure and kill people and lie to the American people before Congress.”

“VAERS is actually not designed to overreport,” Dr. Wolf countered. “According to Harvard University, in her hometown of Boston, it underreports by a factor of 1% to 10%. And even the most established scientists and healthcare institutions accept that VAERS underreports.”

“Secondly, if they’re tasked with looking into every single one of those reports to VAERS, why on earth did they not look at that gigantic spike in miscarriages? Dr. Wolf asked. “They didn’t do that,” she lamented. “So even if she claims, oh, all these [reports] — it wasn’t the vaccine. She doesn’t know it wasn’t a vaccine because they did not look. There are no studies that the CDC ran to look at why the spiking of reports of miscarriage and spontaneous abortion coinciding with the rollout of vaccine were so massive.”

“Third,” Dr. Wolf continued. “What she’s lying about is that she knows exactly what caused those spontaneous abortions and miscarriages because she has the same paperwork from Pfizer that we have. And there’s a section in the Pfizer documents where there’s an 80 percent miscarriage rate after women got vaccinated. And there’s another section where — and this is in report 69 — where Pfizer shows that two of these tiny babies in utero who were delivered early, meaning spontaneously aborted after their moms got vaccinated and died.”

“The reason for that was, in Pfizer’s words, ‘transplacental’ exposure to the vaccine,” Dr. Wolf attested.

Transplacental exposure to the vaccine,” she repeated. “She [Dr. Walensky] had these documents. She knew what they said. And this was turned in a report to the White House, the CDC, and the FDA on April 20, 2021. On April 23, 2021, that woman got up in front of the White House at a press conference and said to the pregnant women of America that she recommended that they get vaccinated. She said the vaccine was safe and effective for pregnancy, and she recommended that pregnant women get vaccinated to protect their babies. And she said [that] there’s never a bad time to get vaccinated before your pregnancy, during your pregnancy, or after you’re pregnant. And she knew this report from Pfizer that showed that babies were dying in utero due to transplacental exposure, Pfizer’s words. And that they were being poisoned by the mRNA and spike protein in their mother’s breast milk.”

“That woman murdered babies, and she knew it,” asserted Dr. Wolf. “And five days after we posted [Pfizer] Report 69, she announced her resignation. So that’s what Congress should be asking her about. Did she know that? And if so, why did she tell pregnant women of America to take something that would kill their babies and poison them if they breastfed them?”

That famous Pfizer Report 69, which was published five days before Dr. Walensky’s resignation announcement, is available for free, along with all the other Pfizer Documents Reports on

Pfizer Report 73, which details how Pfizer knew by November 2020 that its mRNA COVID shot was neither safe nor effective, is available here. That particular report is a highly-technical read, but one of the authors, Dr. Chris Flowers, MD, summarizes the main points in this interview:

And if you’d like to support the work of Dr. Naomi WolfAmy Kelly, and the 3500 DailyClout/War Room volunteers, please order a copy of the Pfizer Documents Book for yourself, a family member, a friend, your doctor, or your local representative. The greatest crime in human history is all thoroughly documented here:



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Oops! CDC, FDA “Respond” to Florida Surgeon General’s COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Alert

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WASHINGTON, DC – MARCH 9: CDC Director Rochelle Walensky speaks during a news conference at HHS headquarters March 9, 2023 in Washington, DC. Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra and other agency heads discussed President Joe Biden’s fiscal year 2024 budget request for the Department of Health and Human Services. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Now they’re claiming we can’t trust the Vaers database they themselves set up.

U.S. health authorities have responded to the warning from Florida’s surgeon general about a spike in reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccination.

Drs. Rochelle Walensky and Robert Califf claimed in the response that Dr. Joseph Ladapo, the surgeon general, was misleading the public by focusing on the increase in adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

“The claim that the increase of VAERS reports of life-threatening conditions reported from Florida and elsewhere represents an increase of risk caused by the COVID-19 vaccines is incorrect, misleading, and could be harmful to the American public,” Walensky and Califf said in the missive.

Walensky heads the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Califf heads of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The CDC and FDA co-manage VAERS, which accepts reports from anybody but which is primarily used by healthcare workers.

The COVID-19 vaccines were given emergency authorization in late 2020. Under the emergency authorizations, vaccine companies and healthcare workers are required to report certain adverse events through VAERS, “so more reports should be expected,” Walensky and Califf said.

“Most reports do not represent adverse events caused by the vaccine and instead represent a preexisting condition that preceded vaccination or an underlying medical condition that precipitated the event,” they said.

They did not cite any studies or other research to support the claim.

While anyone can lodge reports with the system, authorities request medical records and other documentation in an effort to verify reports of certain events. Out of 1,826 reports of heart inflammation after Pfizer or Moderna vaccination in adults through May 26, 2022, for instance, the CDC verified 72 percent.

The CDC also identified hundreds of safety signals for the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines through analyzing VAERS data in 2022, according to records obtained by The Epoch Times. A safety signal is a possible sign of a side effect. Only a handful of adverse events are definitely caused by the vaccines, according to the CDC, including myocarditis, or heart inflammation, and severe allergic shock.

Ladapo said in February that in Florida, the number of reports to VAERS after the COVID-19 vaccines were authorized spiked by 1,700 percent, while the increase in vaccine administration rose by just 400 percent.

“We have never seen this type of response following previous mass vaccination efforts pushed by the federal government,” Ladapo said in a letter to Walensky and Califf.

“These findings are unlikely to be related to changes in reporting given their magnitude, and more likely reflect a pattern of increased risk from mRNA COVID-19 vaccines,” he added, calling for “unbiased research … to better understand these vaccines’ short- and long-term effects.” The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines both use messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.

Florida officials pointed to a study that found in the original clinical trials that the vaccinated were more at risk of serious adverse events, as well as other papers that found an increased risk of adverse events after COVID-19 vaccination.

Florida currently recommends against COVID-19 vaccination for young, healthy males who have been shown to be at the highest risk of myocarditis. Vaccinating the population “doesn’t make any sense” from a risk-benefit standpoint, Ladapo, appointed by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, told The Epoch Times. The heart inflammation causes serious problems and can even lead to death in some cases.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Robert Califf testifies during a Senate Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Subcommittee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington on April 28, 2022. (Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

Officials Differ

Walensky and Califf, both appointed by Democrat President Joe Biden, told Ladapo that their reference information supports vaccinating virtually all people aged 6 months and older with not only a primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine, but boosters.

“Based on available information for the COVID-19 vaccines that are authorized or approved in the United States, the known and potential benefits of these vaccines clearly outweigh their known and potential risks,” they said. “Multiple well conducted, peer-reviewed, published studies and demonstrate that the risk of death, serious illness and hospitalization is higher for unvaccinated individuals for every age group.”

The officials cited studies from the CDC, including papers published by the agency’s quasi journal. According to the CDC, some papers published by the journal aren’t peer reviewed. All of the studies are shaped by agency officials to align with its messaging, which during the pandemic has been aggressively pro-vaccination, even as awareness of confirmed and possible side effects has grown.

The messaging was on display in the letter.

“As the leading public health official in state, you are likely aware that seniors in Florida are under-vaccinated, with just 29% of seniors having received an updated bivalent vaccine, compared to the national average of 41% coverage in seniors,” Walensky and Califf said. “It is the job of public health officials around the country to protect the lives of the populations they serve, particularly the vulnerable. Fueling vaccine hesitancy undermines this effort.”

The officials said that they “stand firmly behind the safety and effectiveness of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, which are fully supported by the available scientific data.”

“Staying up to date on vaccination is the best way to reduce the risks of death and serious illness or hospitalization from COVID-19. Misleading people by overstating the risks, or emphasizing the risks without acknowledging the overwhelming benefits, unnecessarily causes vaccine hesitation and puts people at risk of death or serious illness that could have been prevented by timely vaccination,” the officials continued.

The letter came after the CDC’s recent risk-benefit assessment of the new, updated boosters was criticized by independent medical professionals for downplaying risks and exaggerating benefits.

The officials did not note that the FDA authorized, and the CDC recommended, the new vaccines absent any clinical trial data. More than half a year later, that data has still not been made available, prompting many doctors to forgo boosters. Recent CDC data indicates the vaccines provide poor protection against infection, that the shielding against severe illness quickly wanes, and that natural immunity is superior to vaccination.

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. (York Du/The Epoch Times)


Walensky’s and Califf’s response to Ladapo featured citations to flawed studies, Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, told The Epoch Times via email, “The CDC routinely conducts cross-sectional studies and inappropriately analyzes them as if they were case-control studies, which substantially overestimates their reported vaccine efficacy measures.

“In this letter, these doctors cherry pick studies and ignore, for example, reliable Public Health UK data showing the exact opposite of what they claim,” Risch said.

“As much as they claim that the VAERS data are not quantitatively useful, these data indeed show a major COVID-19 vaccine rollout-period mortality signal that cannot be ignored or handwaved away by the lack of a population reference. These agencies continuously proclaim their data monitoring of several other information sources, yet they have not been transparent with these data,” he added.

Risch noted that insurance data shows a jump in COVID-19 deaths after the vaccines were authorized and that, according to a recent survey, many Americans know of at least one person who has suffered an adverse event after vaccination.

“FDA and CDC have lost credibility with much of the American public, and accusing Dr. Ladapo of misinformation when they themselves are the official purveyor of misinformation is unconscionable,” Risch said.

Nikki Whiting, a spokeswoman for Ladapo, said that the surgeon general would be sending a response letter to the officials.

“The response from the federal government is just another redundant display of the same apathetic talking point of ‘safe and effective.’ Googling their fact sheets would have achieved the same result,” she told The Epoch Times in an email.

“While the Feds gaslight the American public, Florida pushes for the truth. Three inquiries remain unanswered: 1. Access to raw patient-level data to allow for unbiased research. 2. Adequate attention surrounding the risks detected by numerous researchers around the world. 3. Public transparency from the CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma.”


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CDC report leaves out facts other reports do not.

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Remember that the CDC is 100% pro vaccine and anti natural immunity. So forgive me if this report doesn’t excite me. Here’s what’s missing. Reputable men of Science have done numerous studies on Natural Immunity.  CDC did one. And here’s more.

The CDC tested 7,000 people. All already hospitalized. The Israel test was done on 2.5 million people. Cleveland Clinic also did a test on 55,000 employees and came to the same conclusion. Natural immunity can’t be beat. So to go with one random test on those all ready hospitalized is not Science. Another Medical study.

The findings, published May 24 in the journal Nature, suggest that mild cases of COVID-19 leave those infected with lasting antibody protection and that repeated bouts of illness are likely to be uncommon.

“Last fall, there were reports that antibodies wane quickly after infection with the virus that causes COVID-19, and mainstream media interpreted that to mean that immunity was not long-lived,” said senior author Ali Ellebedy, PhD, an associate professor of pathology & immunology, of medicine and of molecular microbiology. “But that’s a misinterpretation of the data. It’s normal for antibody levels to go down after acute infection, but they don’t go down to zero; they plateau. Here, we found antibody-producing cells in people 11 months after first symptoms. These cells will live and produce antibodies for the rest of people’s lives. That’s strong evidence for long-lasting immunity.”

Now there’s been a part time coffee maker ( Secretary ) practicing medicine claiming that this persons medical research shows that there’s no such thing as antibodies. Well even the CDC disputes that. The WP

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has weighed in for the first time in a detailed science report released with little fanfare Friday evening. Reviewing scores of research studies and its own unpublished data, the agency found that both infection-induced and vaccine-induced immunity are durable for at least six months — but that vaccines are more consistent in their protection and offer a huge boost in antibodies for people previously infected.

These are the medical facts.

 Studies demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger
protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the
Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced
immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.



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