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Why are folks surprised? Zuck allowed death threat ads to be placed.

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WOW! When I read about this on Breitbart, I thought of the folks on those obscure white progressive channels where death threats and violence were the norm. You know the ones. 20-25  people make a hundred comments. But to see Facebook do this?

While social media giants are known for acting quickly and without hesitation to censor certain information being posted during election season — such as the bombshell news story about Hunter Biden’s infamous “laptop from hell” — Facebook reportedly failed to block ads containing death threats to election workers ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Facebook failed to block 75 percent of ads “explicitly calling for violence against and killing of US election workers” ahead of the midterm elections, according to an investigation by Global Witness and the New York University Tandon School of Engineering’s Cybersecurity for Democracy (C4D) team.

“The ads contained ten real-life examples of death threats issued against election workers and included statements that people would be killed, hanged or executed, and that children would be molested,” the report said.

But yet folks are upset cause Twitter is allowing some Conservatives back on.


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