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The Disqus Channels’ Censorship Squad is BACK!

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Does anyone remember ModBod, whose sole purpose was to ban users?

The new Mod is a damn bot.

As you know, Disqus recently started a new version of Channels.

Unfortunately, it’s still Same Shit, Different Day.

Every comment Pud made there has been deleted on the Chit Chat Channel. EVEN ON THE THREAD HE STARTED! In three different threads, all his comments are now listed as deleted.

Curious, I looked up the profile for “DISQUS” (@disqusPM). No comments but several hundred followers. Who would be following an account that doesn’t post? I recognized one Troll account, and several “business” accounts are in its followers list. And some are instantly recognizable as — uhm — ‘questionable.’

The Channels Moderator is a damn bot.

So the question becomes who programmed it — Or (more likely) who is logging into that account and deleting comments from posters they presumably don’t like?

It’s back on Disqus!
Thoughtful people want to know.


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Disqus takes a hit. The Gateway Pundit Is Moving to a New Commenting System.

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Original GP article is here.

Thanks to your support, Gateway Pundit has become one of the most-trafficked websites in America.
Despite the continued and unrelenting attacks on our social media and reputation, The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 200 most trafficked websites in the US
2021 is already the biggest year in Gateway Pundit’s history — with 3 months left to go!
With our size and influence growing, many in Big Tech have Gateway Pundit in their crosshairs.  We are aware of this – so we’ve been looking at proactive moves to shore up our community.
One of those proactive moves is to switch our commenting platform — on Tuesday, October 19th, we will move from Disqus to Insticator.
Don’t worry! We’ve saved all your account info and comments on previous articles. All you have to do is sign in with the same email and password you had for Disqus and you can keep sharing your thoughts with the community!
The Gateway Pundit is always committed to ensuring your voice can and will be heard.
Thank you again for your support for Gateway Pundit and the community.
We appreciate your continued support!
If you have any feedback or questions about your account please email:


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