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Greetings from Poland, Ohio. Down the road from East Palestine, Ohio.

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Greetings from Poland, Ohio. Down the road from East Palestine, Ohio. The Red Coats are coming, The Red Coats are coming. Actually, a year later it’s Joe Biden. Will he be like Santa and bring gifts?

President Joe Biden will visit the eastern Ohio community that was devastated by a fiery train derailment almost one year ago, accepting an invitation from the East Palestine mayor to see firsthand how the cleanup of spilled toxic chemicals and the recovery are coming along.

Mayor Trent Conaway, a conservative who does not support Biden, said Wednesday he extended the invitation to the Democratic president because he thinks the visit will be good for his community.

“I’m as red as they come. I’m as conservative as they come. Sometimes I have to do what’s best for the people so, yes, that’s why I invited him,” Conaway said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Make no mistake, this is a political visit. His goal isn’t to get Ohio votes, it’s PA he’s looking at. East Palestine is on the OH. /PA. border. The county of Beaver has recently turned Red, and this is about 30-40 miles from Pittsburgh whose suburbs are purple and slowly turning red.

Only benefit for Ohio is Sherrod Brown the Senator from Ohio who looks to be in trouble.


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