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Making America Great Again.

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Our former President put out an awesome add about what is and what we can expect if he runs again. No 2020 election talk or fake to do about nothing hearing. Just the facts.


More great videos from a man who’s really good and a Trump fanatic.





Mueller Denies Claims He didn’t go far enough.

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Mueller Denies Claims He didn’t go far enough. Mueller has had enough and went public with his condemnation of Andrew Weissmann. Weissmann in his so called tell all book, said they could have and should have gone further in their witch hunt of the President.

Mueller’s report, which came out in early 2019, said there was no evidence of criminal conspiracy, cooperation, or coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, and declined to make a judgment on whether President Trump had obstructed justice. We have this from the very upset Mueller.

“It is not surprising that members of the Special Counsel’s Office did not always agree, but it is disappointing to hear criticism of our team based on incomplete information,” “When important decisions had to be made, I made them,” he said. “I did so as I have always done, without any interest in currying favor or fear of the consequences. I stand by those decisions and by the conclusions of our investigation.”



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