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Ice Cream Truck Owners Revolt Against Democrats’ Ridiculous Crack Down.

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Ice Cream Truck Owners Revolt Against Democrats’ Ridiculous Crack Down.

Ice cream truck owners aren’t happy with Democrats in New York City who propose a new policy that would force truck owners to ditch their fuel-powered generators and use “climate-friendly alternatives.”

The eco-friendly proposal has been slammed as “ridiculous.” Truck owners warn it will have a devastating impact on their companies.

Appearing on Fox News, Ice Cream Emergency owner Ed Lachterman said, “You can’t even have solar in a home if you have trees that are too tall. How are you going to drive around the city and have a solar-powered truck in the concrete jungle?” Lachterman asked. (POLL: Is Joe Biden Fit to be President? Results Are In…)

“It’s just ridiculous. You’re going to have product costs going through the roof trying to convert something is crazy, and if you go battery, I’ll need something twice as long to hold the batteries to run it,” he added.

“We’d probably have to raise our prices,” Lachterman’s wife Carol said.

“This guy is trying to put a law based on his agenda without thinking of anything, without thinking of the consequences, and that’s not what you’re in office to do,” Lachterman said.

“You’re there to help your constituents and to say, ‘Oh, well, we’re going to just start banning things,’ all they’re going to do is put people out of work, make the economy worse and just really destroy everything that we’re trying to build up.”

“Brooklyn Councilman Lincoln Restler introduced the proposal last week that would force ice cream trucks to ditch their fuel-powered generators for more climate-friendly alternatives over the course of the next three years,” the report said. (Trending: Disney Just Pulled A Bud Light…)

“Ice cream truck operators would be forced to rely on solar-powered or electric-powered machines, which could cost companies thousands, according to the New York Post,” the report added.

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has created new rules that would require pizzerias with coal and wooden-fire ovens installed prior to 2016 to cut carbon emissions by 75%.

“They’re trying to go after your gasoline water heaters, your gas stoves… The sad thing is it’s an attack on the hospitality industry, which is one of the biggest employers in New York City,” Lachterman said. “New York is not going to have to worry about businesses because everyone’s going to move out. You can’t operate under these conditions.”


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