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Here’s how you nail Biden and investigate him.

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Here’s how you nail Biden and investigate him.

Allan Dershowitz came up with a brilliant idea on how Biden’s alleged crimes could be investigated. He was on with Hannity the other night.

“I agree that it’s a Biden,” Dershowitz responded. “It’s a scandal that alleges serious matters against the president.”

“And the matters would be bribery, and then according to James Comer, with all these shell corporations, that turns out to be true, nine Biden family members being enriched, including grandchildren.

“Look, the other thing that Congress can do, Congress can appoint a special counsel,” Dershowitz added. “Now, he would have subpoena power under the Justice Department. If the congressional committee feels there’s no sufficient investigation, they can conduct an investigation by hiring an outside counsel. That’s within their power.”



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