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Mail – Looking at today's world

Why do they do these things? Tore up my mail flyer.

Why do they do these things? Tore up my mail flyer. In my mail I got two pieces of mail that were political flyers. One a Biden flyer and the other was a Trump flyer so what separated the one from the other?

The Biden flyer was in one piece. Of course I disposed of that properly in the garbage where it belongs. The Trump flyer was tore up in three pieces and put in my box that I have for the newspaper. So why would someone do that? At closer examination the Biden flyer had no postal markings. The Trump flyer did.

Now I’ll ask my mail man today, but I doubt he will be able to help. But I have to hope that the Trump hater is spotted by one of my neighbors. It is a federal offense to mess with the mail like that.

What say you?