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In case you missed it, I have a newsletter.

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I’ve decided to play with the big boys and girls. I’M writing on a social venue called Substack. How big is Substack? 24.7 MILLION  VIEWERS A MONTH. As of September the last time published. And I was excited when my one article got over 2,000 viewers in 2 days.

But the reason I’M writing is to ask you folks to sign up for my newsletter. They go straight to your e-mail box. To sign up just click on the subscribe button on the bottom of the page of any article here on looking. The subscribe button is on top if you’re on News with Analysis. The button in this article is only to show you what it looks like. Josh’s Newsletter is what it’s called. You can comment and up vote if you wish. And yes my lurkers come there several times a day, and yes they have tried to get me banned there also.


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