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To use OSHA for this is so asinine. See ya in court. Supreme Court that is.

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So knowing that the Presidents directive is illegal and unconstitutional, this administration does an end around and uses OSHA. OSHA releases a 490 page document saying how dangerous and life threatening a job site is if there’s 100 or more employees if all are not vaccinated.

If there’s 99 then all are saved. No life threatening work site. Does that make any sense? How does COVID know company A has 100 employees and company B has 99 or 98 or 10? So what happens next? Does anyone even need to ask? Last year Biden said there would be no mandates.

OSHA can do a million page document, but if 50-100 K fans can be at a sporting event without dying or getting sick, so can 100 at work. See you in court.



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