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If you have to be an adult for voting, drinking, and tobacco, why not a sex change?

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So think about it. We have laws that stop people from doing things before adulthood. Drinking, Smoking, Voting, serving in the Military, etc. Why not make it illegal for a child to have a sex change operation till they reach adulthood? 18-21. Even then they’re still very immature.

You have Progressives who have no problem with teaching 5-8 year olds about transgender and being gay. I just wonder if their parents taught them about that. Odds are no, So why force something like this on children?

Also is it something the government should pay for? Is this something that schools should be teaching? I can see it now.  Class instead of learning how to read and write, we will discuss why you should or should not have a penis or vagina.



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