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PA. Governor spokesman asks schools to disobey the state Supreme Court. PA school mask mandate struck down by state Supreme Court.

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According to the Hill and other MSM outlets including Fox, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that Alison Beam, the acting state health secretary, did not have the authority to impose a mask mandate, acted without an existing disaster emergency enacted by the governor and did not follow state laws to enact regulations.

The legislature makes state laws, not the Governor or some health department head. As most know, many of the mandates have no Science behind them. Only the bizarre opinions of some guy who hasn’t practiced medicine in almost 40 years.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is dominated by Democrats. One can only guess that they looked at the Law backed up by Science. A spokesperson for the governor told the outlet it was an “extremely disappointing” ruling and encouraged schools to keep masking despite the lifted health order.

“We join the voices of millions of Pennsylvanians who are pleased to see our Commonwealth’s highest court agree that no unelected government bureaucrat should ever have the sole and unilateral authority to issue open-ended ‘orders’ — whether they focus on public health response or something else,”


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