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Jake Tapper, Really?

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Jake Tapper, Really? After Joey Boy on MSNBC, Tapper comes a close second on widely notable TV hosts who smear Trump.

Below are just a few times Tapper attacked Trump with nasty claims.CNN selected anchor Jake Tapper to co-host its presidential debate on June 27, an in-studio event that is likely to produce fireworks between Tapper and former President Donald Trump.

  1. Suggested Trump was a nightmare: “For tens of millions of our fellow Americans, their long national nightmare is over.”
  2. Claimed Trump “continues to lie to the American people” about coronavirus testing.
  3. Retweeted a post that called Trump “100% insane.”
  4. Shamed Trump upon being hospitalized for the coronavirus.
  5. Described Trump’s presidency as a “disaster.”
  6. Reported twice on Trump’s penis.
  7. Questioned the 2016 election by perpetrating the Russia Collusion Hoax.
  8. Suggested Trump tried to kill democracy.
  9. Ordered CNN’s control room not to cover Trump live.
  10. Claimed Trump was a “rather angry defendant, saying there’s no case here.”
  11. Refused to cover Trump live due to “potentially dangerous” content.


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