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Fan club greets Joe in L A.

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Fan club greets Joe in L A. Flying on two seperate planes, Biden and his wife flew out to LA to pick pocket the Hollywood elite for money for the 2024 Presidential election. But his Progressive fans showed up and let me tell you that they weren’t happy. This from the OC Register.

Meanwhile, throngs of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered not far away to challenge the U.S. government’s support of Israel amid the Jewish state’s ongoing war against Hamas in Gaza. By mid-afternoon, law enforcement had cordoned off a large portion of the park’s open space – restricting access to the side of the street where Biden’s event was expected to get underway – long before the majority of protesters arrived.

As the crowd grew in size, so did tensions – as protesters pounded on cars and blocked some of the roads that led to the site of the Biden fundraiser, chanting “No more genocide” among other things.




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