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So where do Conservatives go now or do they?

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So where do Conservatives go now or do they? Say what you will, FOX still is king of the hill when it comes to Conservative media reporting. Have they moved closer to the middle? Are they now considered MSM? Yes to both.

Only one missing from the conservative photo I posted is OAN. So when you take the other top 10 Conservative websites, FOX has a bigger audience than all ten combined.

Only true Conservative website to really consider would be NewsMax. That doesn’t mean the others are less relevant, It’s just that they don’t have the money or viewership. In another article that I wrote, I wrote that Tucker should buy NewsMax and from there create a powerhouse of his own. Hopefully he reads this.

Now I left out Rumble, Gettr, Gab, Parler,Truth, etc. All great but TV media websites.


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