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Looking back, how ridiculous was wearing masks?

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Looking back, how ridiculous was wearing masks? Almost as bad as continuously getting jabbed. Based on nothing but Tony the Fauch’s word, millions of people were wearing these masks.

Sure I wore a mask where it was required, but knowing I didn’t have COVID and if I did, I knew the odds were slim to none that I would spread it.

My fear was folks who had COVID were spreading it because there were only two types of masks that kept most of the germs inside the mask.

Now the loons who wore the masks thinking that they couldn’t get COVID were the ones dying. But that was for so long kept a secret.

Even if you did have the N95 or KN95 AND HAD THE VACCINE, odds were that you were just as protected as the person who didn’t have a mask or the vaccine. In plane English the mask did not help to keep the virus out.

The Jan. 30 review found that based on existing randomized controlled trials — which tested the effectiveness of interventions encouraging people to wear masks, rather than testing the effectiveness of masks themselves — wearing masks in the community “probably makes little or no difference” to the number of people with influenza or COVID-19-like illnesses.


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