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What happens if you allow Ukraine into NATO now. WWIII.

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What happens if you allow Ukraine into NATO now.

WWIII.During a Thursday press briefing in Brussels, Blinken said, “Ukraine will become a member of NATO. Our purpose at the summit is to help build a bridge to that membership.”

People forget that Russia is part of an alliance that includes China, Iran, and North Korea. You have loons on the left who think China and Iran are our friends.

Remember that the Bidens got rich off of China and Russia. Also it was Biden who removed the sanctions off the Iranian money.

Blinkin is “encouraging China with Taiwan. He’s encouraging more of the flood of these terrorist groups that have already come across our nation. He’s encouraging more instability in the Middle East because everybody sees that these academics who have not worn a stitch of uniform or ever pondered military strategy in their lives are just wreaking havoc with our alliance.”


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