Pardons for the innocents.

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Pardons for the innocents. There has been talk about Presidential pardons. Who will President Trump pardon next, and can he pardon himself. Some say yes he can pardon himself. For sure he can pardon the family and his past and present cabinet members.

While presidents signing divisive pardons in the twilight of their administrations has become something of a Washington ritual, Trump is said to be considering an unusually high number of interventions in the cases of aides, friends and family members he believes have been unfairly imprisoned, indicted or put at legal risk.

Let’s be realistic if somehow the illegitimate elect Joe Biden is declared the winner, He’ll allow the loons on the left to go after everyone associated with the President. So here’s my solution.

First the President pardons the whole family. Then his past and present cabinet members and department heads. Then himself. But to make it official, resign two days before the inauguration. President Pence than pardons President Trump. Problem solved.




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