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My opinion. A look back at January 6th. Was no armed insurrection and there was no creditable threat March 4th. Just ask the FBI and VOX

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The mostly peaceful protest went sideways. Was no armed insurrection and there was no creditable threat March 4th. What has been lost was the fact that you had anywhere from 250-500,000 people in DC that day. And when you look at the few thousand that attacked the Capitol, it was mostly peaceful. Just ask the FBI and Vox.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner (D-VA) reacted
to the U.S. House canceling its session on Thursday in response to the threats by stating the intelligence he’s seen is “a bit of an
overabundance of caution, at least I’m hopeful,” and that “we’ve not seen any evidence of accumulation of crowds coming into the city, and
this mostly seems to be internet chatter.


Jared Holt told Vox that he “did not find any of the usual tells we tend to see when online extremism is about to translate into real-world mobilization prior to March 4.” Holt is a resident fellow at DFRLab focused on domestic extremism; he correctly warned in the days leading up to the January 6 insurrection about internet chatter indicating pro-Trump demonstrations that day could spiral out of control.

“In recent days, even, many extremist influencers and communities actively discouraged participation in any would-be action on that date,” continued Holt in a Twitter direct message.

Hopefully all those who committed crimes that day will be charged and punished. Laws were broken that day. Unlike BLM and Antifa riots where criminals are not being punished, they are for January 6th.





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