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Get out of Dodge. Translation, Pack up and run.

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So the last plane took off. Who cares if hundreds of Americans and thousands of Afgans were left behind. Joe is probably going to go on TV and brag how he got out a day early US time. MSM and the progressives will call this betrayal a military success. Historians will call it a sad day in American Military History.

The Pentagon announced Monday that all U.S. troops have departed Afghanistan. The final C-17 carrying service members lifted off from the Kabul airport at 3:29 pm U.S. Eastern Time.

McKenzie conceded that hundreds of Americans were left behind in the country.

“I believe our State Department is going to work very hard to allow any American citizens that are left — and we think the citizens that were not brought out number in the low — very low hundreds,” he said.

He called the evacuation mission the “largest non-combatant evacuation in the U.S. military’s history” and a “monumental accomplishment.”




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