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My two cents. Why my body my choice doesn’t fly for either side.

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Why my body my choice doesn’t fly for either side. The goal here isn’t to piss people off. Hopefully the folks who read what I write here get it. We have been hearing that a lot lately. I’m sick of it Let’s look at what’s causing all this noise. First let’s look at why the left uses it.

My body my choice.  Most of the time yes. I have a bad hair day or what ever. So the baby must die. Why? The fetus shows a heart beat. That sounds human to me. It’s the baby’s body now. So because of financial or some other reason the baby must die? Those on the left say that man and the courts have no say so. But yet they go to a male dominated Supreme Court that says the court belongs in the bedroom. Roe V Wade. Why the right uses it.

Those on the Right. My body my choice. Most of the time yes. No mask no vaccine. Yes and at times No. If you have the virus, you should mask up when amongst people inside. Doesn’t protect you,  protects me and others who don’t want it. Not approved, rushed through. When the one gets approved, it’s some diabolical scheme to kill us all. Come on get real. Y’all get your magnets out. Really?

In closing, both sides are going overboard on this. Babies don’t need to die and the vaccines weren’t put out there to kill us. Both sides make money off of this.

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