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Reprint. Dr. Fauch Finally Gets Exposed How The Dr. Mengele Of Our Days Got Caught Lying To Congress. Edited.

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Emerald Robinson is the White House correspondent for Newsmax – the 3rd largest cable news network in America. She was previously the White House correspondent for One America News.


As many of you know, I was the first reporter who asked President Trump about Dr. Fauci and the NIH funding the Wuhan Lab of Virology in China at a White House press briefing. My question is widely credited with ending US taxpayer funding to the Wuhan Lab (at least temporarily). It was April 17, 2020. I had asked President Trump the following question:

“The NIH under the Obama administration in 2015 gave that lab [the Wuhan Institute of Virology] $3.7 million in a grant. Why would the U.S. give a grant like that to China?”

“We will end that grant very quickly,” President Trump replied. “It was granted quite awhile ago,” he added. “Who was president then, I wonder?” The grant funding was canceled almost overnight.

My question set off a firestorm in the media. I was denounced as a conspiracy theorist by several corporate media outlets. Vanity Fair ran crappy articles about it. I was the subject of lame fact-checks by bogus organizations. The antiquated TV news show 60 Minutes even had their correspondent Scott Pelley attempt to discredit my question in a segment that painted the nefarious “gain of function” researcher Peter Daszak as a hero.

It turned out that I was right and all those media outlets were wrong. It’s always been perfectly obvious that COVID-19 came from the Wuhan lab in China but America’s national security state didn’t want you to know your tax dollars were funding bioweapons research conducted by the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s also been obvious that Dr. Fauci was lying to the American public about absolutely everything. (Dr. Fauci has funded grafting the scalps of aborted babies onto the backs of lab rats — in case you’re wondering about his ethics.) His previous statements of support for “gain of function” research were all over the Internet hiding in plain sight. The fear of Fauci’s experiments was bipartisan too. The research that Fauci funded on weaponizing the bat coronavirus was so dangerous that even liberals disliked it. A broad spectrum of concerned scientists had convinced the Obama Administration to stop it in 2014.

Who had wanted to start it again under the Trump Administration? Fauci himself.

This led to an insane media scenario that future historians will write about for years: Americans were told to take medical advice on COVID-19 from the same guy who funded the creation of COVID-19. That’s right: one man funded the genetic weaponization of bat coronaviruses in China and, when the mutant virus “escaped” from the lab, one man helped create experimental vaccines — and he makes royalty money from those vaccines! How’s that for a conflict of interest?

In July 2020, Judicial Watch received a trove of NIH emails through a FOIA request that showed the high level funding and coordination with China over “gain of function” research. The NIH had provided at least nine grants to the Wuhan Lab (via 3rd parties like EcoHealth Alliance) for bat coronavirus research. (Officials at the Wuhan Lab had even asked NIH for help with disinfectants!) The emails also showed that NIH officials tailored confidentiality forms to help China control information about COVID-19.

It was now obvious that Fauci and the NIH had funded research that “was clearly part of a bio-weapons program” as Gordon Chang told Newsmax recently. “It’s indefensible what we did. This stuff you can’t do in the USA. What Fauci was doing was saying ‘I want to help China’s biological weapons program by doing this in China!’”

It took a year but Fauci’s lies are now collapsing around him in 2021. The American people know that he funded the Wuhan lab. They know that he pushed for bat coronaviruses to be weaponized. He knew the risks. He just didn’t care. Fauci is not just morally responsible, he’s directly responsible for the man-made COVID-19 pandemic and 3 million deaths around the world.

The credit for exposing the lies of Dr. Fauci should go to many people, of course, but Senator Rand Paul should be mentioned this year in particular. Alone among his Senate colleagues, Rand Paul has sparred with Fauci in public over the latter’s medical advice and funding priorities. In testimony before Congress on May 11th and later, Rand Paul cornered Fauci on a number of issues. Fauci’s insane denialism and hubris were on full display, with statements like “I do not favor gain of function research in China” impossible to explain or walk back. Clearly, the blanket corporate media immunity that Fauci had enjoyed for a year went to his head, as they say.

We must heed Paul’s warnings to Fauci from those Senate hearings for ourselves too: “You do support [gain of function research] in the US. We have 11 labs doing it and you have allowed it here. You are fooling with Mother Nature here. You are allowing super viruses to be created with a 15% mortality. It’s very dangerous. It was a huge mistake to share this with China, and it’s a huge mistake to allow this to continue in the United States.”

Senator Paul recently sent a criminal referral to the Department of Justice to investigate Fauci for lying to Congress after Fauci’s latest testimony (a felony by the way). Whatever the DOJ does with that referral, it’s obvious that Fauci is guilty: there’s two decades of his public statements and his scientific conference lectures that cannot be easily disappeared. And now we have 900 more emails unearthed by The Intercept and released yesterday to confirm the depth of Fauci’s deceptions.

One thing’s for sure: when the American people finally learn the truth about Dr. Fauci and the experiments he funded, there must be a reckoning for the US federal government and for the sciences funded by our government. The truth is so awful and dangerous that it must be confronted: American taxpayers actually paid the Chinese Communist Party to create COVID-19. Why in the world would our government do such a thing? Why in the world would we allow it to continue? Fauci’s lies to Congress (and his emails) are not only the death-blow to his own credibility but to the credibility of the corporate media which amplified every lie he told the American public, and to the credibility of our intel agencies which hid the truth, and to our national security state which got in bed with China to make bioweapons in the first place.




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