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Define stupidity. Biden’s EPA.

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Define stupidity. Biden’s EPA. Yes my friends we have new criminals that are lurking and you didn’t know it. Thank the lord for the EPA.

The Biden administration finalized its first new climate rule Thursday, slashing the use of powerful greenhouse gases widely used in home refrigerators and air conditioners and often found to be leaking from U.S. supermarket freezers.

What’s hilarious is that White House officials said the new rule tackles global warming while supporting jobs to manufacture new alternatives. So what happens to the jobs lost? If they come up with new technology, will we still have the same number of jobs? And what issues does the new technology create?

Here’s what’s behind this. Biden issued an executive order in January that embraces a 2016 amendment to the 1987 Montreal Protocol on ozone pollution. That amendment calls for the United States and other large industrialized countries to reduce HFCs by 85% by 2036. The State Department has prepared documents for formal ratification of the amendment, but the White House has not submitted them to the Senate.





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