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NSBA goes to Joe Biden, who goes to the AG, who goes after Joe Bag of Donuts and his wife and now the NSBA apologizes?

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The NSBA ( National School Board Association ) went crying to the feds about parent at school board meetings. We now find out that the whole time the NSBA was working with Joe Biden to go after parents nationwide. Now the NSBA leadership did this without input from school boards nationwide. Now that the NSBA was caught with their pants down, they sent out a letter of apology.

Not to the parents that they attacked, but to the school boards who had no clue of what was done. I checked with my local school board and the one member didn’t know that the NBSA went to the feds or Joe Biden. First read it and saw it in the media.

The letter was tweeted by the Oregon School Boards Association, whose executive director Jim Green said in a statement: ۔

“That doesn’t mean the core issue – protecting volunteer school board members from intimidation and violence – is not important. It is,” Green added. “But the NSBA acknowledges that the words it has used have alienated many parents, our key partners in public schools. With this apology, I hope the national organization learns from experience and Move forward

Emails received earlier this week. The group defending education on behalf of the parents indicated that board members were not consulted. About the September 29 letter., Who suggested that parents who object. Order of the mask And to impose Critical race theory Engaged in “a form of domestic terrorism” in the classroom.






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