Ryan chickens out. Will not debate Progressive.

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My Congressman ( not my choice ) is running now for US Senator to represent the great state of Ohio. He has a young lady running against him on the Democrat slate. Timmy boy started out 20 years ago as a Bill Clinton Moderate. Started out against abortion, then changed to against abortion but supports the Democrat platform. to Pro abortion. Kill that baby now.

When he was running for President he stated his love for a wine that millions of Italian Americans made and drank. DAGO RED. White Progressives ( White Plantationists who were mostly old divorced women and transsexuals. ) Came out against Timmy. Well after getting one half of one percent he dropped out. Gets better. He’s now the white darling of the left. And why is that you ask? He claims to be a Progressive.

But the only problem with that is that his opponent is a Progressive and shes Black. And he will not debate her.

Morgan Harper, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, challenged U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan to debate her six times and urged the Ohio Democratic Party to host them — but both Ryan and the party are saying “no” Edited. So now the far left who attacked Timmy boy are now supporting him over a girl who was adopted, grew up poor, is black, and Progressive as Progressive can be. How racist is that?






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