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Science according to the fauch. Go after the children and puppies. Part 2

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Fake News and the loons still don’t get it. Back in October I did an article on the fauch that mostly dealt with what was called beaglegate. The Euthanasian and torture of beagle puppy’s. The WCW ( White Coat Waste Project ) exposed what the NIAID was doing with funded experiments. Everything that they posted was true. There was one minor error, but that was corrected. The WP as usual ran a attack article ( without verification ) And except for one hate group, the WP article was ignored. Let me explain.

WCW was wrong on the Tunisia study. They cited the wrong study in Tunisia. However, the NIAID said it did fund a separate project in Tunisia that studied a vaccine to prevent leishmaniasis.

“In the NIAID-supported study, twelve dogs were immunized with the experimental vaccine at the Pasteur Institute of Tunis, and then let out in an enclosed open space during the day, during high sandfly season in an area of Tunisia considered to be hyper-endemic for canine leishmaniasis. In the experiment, eight beagles were intentionally infected to study the transmissibility of leishmania infantum, which causes canine leishmaniasis. The dogs developed skin lesions and were later euthanized. So right country but wrong study. But the same results. The dogs were flea bitten than killed.

Now Snopes, Politifact, and Fact Check all investigated the three claims of the WCW. Same conclusion. The dogs in all three studies were Euthanized. For my lurkers, that means they were killed. In one study they were killed before the study was over.

So the only question that wasn’t answered was what exactly was the fauch’s exact involvement?









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