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How funny is this? Don Lemon feels his boy Jussie’s lie will hurt legitimate hate crime claims. No Don, believing someone just because they are a person of color hurts the facts.

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Please no pictures of Lynching. They will be removed.


The left has been fooled so many times now but still they don’t get. Just because a person of color makes these wild claims, doesn’t make it so. Jussie being the latest incident. When I heard that two white boys jumped a gay black man, my first thought was that two white Progressives attacked a successful black man cause of jealousy and the fact that he was black and gay. See how that works?

Right on the Progressives but wrong on everything else. What ever happened to just the fact? We’ve seen it in so many of these hate crimes, but the hate’s coming from the MSM and the left.

After Smollet attacked himself and posted a video of himself with a rope around his neck, (and blamed two white Trump supporters), both Cory Booker and Kamala Harris used that attack to generate support for their bill. Here’s a picture of their tweets.

Please no pictures of Lynching. They will be removed.




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