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Maybe the family who was shot at is the victim here?

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Last weekend we had a situation where Minneapolis PD had to take down ( good shoot ) a person who was firing away. A woman was in fear for her life and two sons because bullets were coming through her apartment wall. After a six hour standoff police snipers took the man out.

So what happens is that a group of protestors show up to defend the shooter. SMH.

Protestors gathered to express their rage that police shot Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, a black man who was shooting into his neighbors apartment where Arabella Yarbrough and her children live, leaving bullet holes in their kitchen. As Yarbrough stands outside trying to get the crowd to disperse, protestors scream at her: “You’re alive, shut up!” When she says, “there’s bullet holes in my kitchen,” a protester shouts back: “Not in you, though!”

I can’t do this one justice. Watch this remarkable video:


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