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How can this be? The New England Journal of Medicine is telling us that the un vaccinated are staying contagious for a shorter period than the vaccinated?

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You know there’s this lurker who follows me and never fails to comment on this obscure website that has about 25 maybe 30 followers about articles I write. This person never fails to attack my medical sources. Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Tufts Research University, New England Journal of Medicine, and even The Mayo Clinic. This loons credentials? A part time secretary. The person who makes the coffee and files reports.

Now we see that a group of dozens of doctors and scientists signed off on a small research study of a startling result to many. Folks vaccinated against COVID-19 remained contagious with the virus for a longer period of time than their unvaccinated counterparts. This was printed in the New England Journal of Medicine.

We have this also from the study.

Researchers compiled a variety of graphs tracking how long people remained contagious with the virus, using both PCR tests and viral cultures as indicators.

When the data was separated into the categories “unvaccinated,” “vaccinated,” and “boosted,” individuals who did not receive a COVID-19 vaccine were contagious for a shorter period of time.

Regarding positive PCR tests, within the first 10 days of contracting the virus 68.75 percent of unvaccinated subjects were no longer contagious. In contrast, just 29.72 percent of vaccinated and 38.46 percent of boosted people were no longer contagious.

Fifteen days into the study, 93.75 percent and 92.31 percent of unvaccinated and boosted people, respectively, were no longer contagious; however, just 78.38 percent of vaccinated people weren’t contagious.

Study Data.
So please do the research and trust Science. Not some part time secretary.




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