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WTF? FBI Increases Presence, Surveillance at EPCOT, Fearing Major Threat to National Security

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This comes from  an official Walt Disney website:

U. S. Government Concerns Grow Over EPCOT’s New Offering

Why did the government feel that EPCOT might present a threat to homeland security? According to heavily redacted FBI files, the Bureau had major concerns, particularly about the China pavilion at World Showcase. As such, FBI agents closely monitored all of the delegates on World Showcase.

A World Showcase of Unforgettable Shopping at Epcot – China Pavilion | Disney Parks Blog

EPCOT’s China pavilion/Credit: Disney Parks

According to a post at MuckRock, EPCOT’s World Showcase “initially called for cultural installations from nine countries” and was “intended to be the ultimate harmonious international village, a shining example of global unity. Naturally, the FBI had a problem with it.”

While this has been going on since 1982, when Epcot opened, there seems to be an increase in their presence there. Why?

Per Muckrock:

The Tampa field office [of the Federal Bureau of Investigation] seemed concerned that any terrorist organizations operating within or around the participating nations, “Canada, France, China, Italy, Japan, UK, West Germany, Africa, and Mexico,” would converge on EPCOT.

Real good job there, FBI. You were so busy chasing and spying all those dangerous EPCOT delegates that you completely missed the 9/11 terrorists training at TWO nearby flight schools. Bravo! /s

If they are still there and have increased their presence, why? Shouldn’t they be along the Mexican border to help with the onslaught of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border?

Oh, wait, the illegals are future Democratic voters. Carry on.

Muckrock link to FBI FOIA docs.

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