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Barney Frank to Newsmax: ‘Mistake’ to Indict Trump

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Thanks to the folks over at Newsmax for the great article

Barney Frank to Newsmax: ‘Mistake’ to Indict Trump.

As you all know, Barney Frank was one of the first White Progressives to come out of the closet. Sadly mostly white trash followed. But he has something interesting to say.

It was a “mistake” to indict former President Donald Trump on charges connected with documents in his possession, as the move was “politically unwise,” former Rep. Barney Frank said on Newsmax Saturday.

“I think people said, ‘Oh, this is a political indictment,'” the Massachusetts Democrat told Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.” “I think it’s the absence of politics. First of all, let’s be clear — and others have said this: There’s no sign that what Trump did endangered national security.”

Instead, Frank said that he thinks that documents were moved to Trump’s properties in a move that was “self-indulgent and sloppy.”

“I would like him to explain why he did it,” said Frank. “My own guess is that there were embarrassing things in there, for example, about his love affair with the dictator of North Korea, which [he] recently reaffirmed. But there’s no allegation that American national security was harmed by this.”

Frank added that he’d like to see the issue of Trump work out at the ballot box in November 2024, and the “best way to do that is to run against Donald Trump.”

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