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Oversight GOP: Dem Members Lying About FBI Doc.

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Oversight GOP: Dem Members Lying About FBI Doc.
The other day we did an article on the Raskin lie. This Newsmax article goes more into detail.


The Republican-led House Oversight Committee rebuked the claims of its Democrat members on Saturday, who said the House GOP is “wasting” taxpayer money on investigating the “conspiracy” of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in a $5 million bribery scheme.

“Democrats are lying again about the FBI-generated Biden bribery record,” the GOP-led Oversight Committee tweeted in response to a tweet from the Democrat side of the committee.

The Oversight Committee Democrats tweeted, “In 2020, a sitting Republican Senator confirmed that AG [Attorney General Bill] Barr had begun an assessment—headed by U.S. Attorney [Scott] Brady—to investigate the corruption allegations pushed by [Rudy] Giuliani.”

The thread continued: “Now, Committee Republicans want to revive Giuliani’s conspiracy theories by using the tips he shared with DOJ [Department of Justice] to attack the FBI, damage President Biden, and boost the twice-impeached, twice-indicted former President’s poll numbers.”

The thread from the Democrats shows a video of ranking member Jamie Raskin, D-Md., saying the House GOP is looking into an FBI FD-1023 form “where a confidential human source quoted an oligarch from Ukraine who said that there was corruption with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.”

“That was checked out by the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania, Scott Brady, who was appointed in 2020 by Donald Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, to head up a task force of lawyers and investigators to check out this tip and Rudy Giuliani’s allegations that Joe Biden has been involved in corruption in Ukraine. And that assessment of this tip came back empty-handed,” Raskin said.

But Barr told told the New York Post, “Mr. Raskin seems confused about the limited scope of Mr. Brady’s review.

“The Pittsburgh office was simply adding evidence to ensure that it was not disinformation before passing it on to one of the already existing investigations underway in the department,” Barr added.

“He [Brady] was not authorized to open his own investigation. In other words, he was assessing the credibility of the evidence, not investigating its ultimate merits,” said the former attorney general. The information Brady collected was passed on to Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

The GOP-led Oversight Committee tweet continued: “The FBI’s 6/30/20 FD-1023 record stands on its own and contains information from a trusted confidential human source who had conversations with the foreign national who claimed to have bribed Biden.

“This record is being used in an ongoing investigation. Former AG Barr and the FBI have confirmed multiple times.”

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