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Target realizes what a mistake they made. Will now carry Mark Levin’s Book.

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Target realizes what a mistake they made. Will now carry Mark Levin’s Book. Wednesday Target said they were afraid that Democrats would be offended so they said they weren’t going to sell Levin’s new book.

Target must have realized that Democrats don’t spend their money in stores beside Walmart and local liquor stores. Thursday they changed course.

Target didn’t think twice about selling children’s books that were offensive.


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Fact-Checkers’ Sad Attempt to Minimize Trump Rally Attendance Blows Up in Their Faces.

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Commentary By Rachel Emmanuel for The Western Journal July 6, 2023

On Monday, Fox News published a report titled: “Trump draws massive crowd of at least 50K in small South Carolina town of 3,400: police.”

The article covered former President Donald Trump’s rally in Pickens, South Carolina, on Saturday, which, according to the police chief of the town, drew a crowd of over 50,000 Trump supporters to the tiny town.

But community note contributors on Twitter weren’t willing to accept that the former president was still able to draw crowds of this size.

A community note was added to the Fox News tweet of the article that read: “Police Chief Randall Beach initially estimated the crowd to be 50,000, he said he would need to confirm those numbers with the Secret Service. A Secret Service agent later clarified to the news that approximately 15,000 were in attendance.”

But it turns out the fact-checkers were doing a little less “fact-checking” and a little more “fact manipulation.”

The fact-checkers cited an article from Greenville News to support their community note.

The relevant section cited read:

“Pre-rally estimates of 10,000 to 30,000 were made. During his remarks, Trump claimed the turnout was 75,000. Beach said he needed to get an accurate count from the Secret Service before providing a final number. Around 11 am, a secret service agent told the News there are 5,000 inside the gate and approximately 10,000 still in line.”

Sidebar: Do you trust fact-checkers?
Yes: 1% (7 Votes)
No: 99% (1197 Votes)

With some convenient cherry-picking, the fact-checkers used the estimated 5,000 people inside plus the 10,000 still in line mentioned by the Secret Service agent and came up with a grand total of 15,000 people at the rally.

An impressive math feat.

What they did not mention, however, is that that estimate was made at 11 o’clock in the morning. Trump’s plane hadn’t even landed at that point, according to Politico.

Tens of thousands pack Pickens. More than 50 treated for heat-related illness.

Moreover, the article cited is titled: “Trump in SC: Tens of thousands pack Pickens. More than 50 treated for heat-related illness.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “tens” of thousands generally means more than one ten and a five.

But, maybe the fact-checkers missed the fact that the title of the article they cited implies in its title that there were well more than 15,000 there that day.

They must have also missed the part in the very same article they cited where Beach “reiterated his crowd estimate of 50,000.”

“I would not be shocked if it were closer to 60 (thousand),” he told the newspaper. “If someone has an estimate closer to 70 (thousand), I wouldn’t question it.”

That statement by Beach was made on Sunday, the day after the rally, not at 11 a.m. on Saturday, hours before the rally had even started.

So the part about the Secret Service agent’s estimate being the “later” one was, let’s just say, sadly mistaken.

Cherry-picking when it comes to how stories are reported is nothing new, especially when the news is conservative and even more when the story has the word “Trump” in it. So it’s important to stay vigilant, even on a so-called bias-free platform like Twitter.

As for the contributors who wrote the community note on the article — if I were a gambler, I’d take any odds that at least one of them has the letters “CNN” in their employment bio.

CNN — or CBS, or CNBC, or MSNBC, etc. –TPR


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Solar Geoengineering—What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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The face of a “White Supremacist” in Philly shooting (A follow-up)

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Remember how Twitterheads claimed that the Philly shootings were done by “White Supremacists?” Well, here one is:

The 40-year-old Kimbrady Carricker

The man accused in the fatal shooting spree in Philadelphia that left five people dead and four others wounded Monday night left a will at his house, and according to a roommate, had acted agitated and wore a tactical vest around his house in the days before the shooting, prosecutors said Wednesday.

In his first court hearing on Wednesday morning, 40-year-old Kimbrady Carriker was charged with 11 total offenses and several counts of each.

In addition to murder, Carriker is also facing charges of attempted murder, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, and carrying a firearm without a valid permit.

He is being held without bail for the murders.

Sources say the suspect made disturbing social media posts before the gunfire. Sources say, Carriker, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, owned the ghost guns used in this mass shooting.

Prosecutors said they recovered a handgun, a will dated June 23, and other evidence during a search of the Carricker’s home. They declined to discuss details of the will or whether it gave any indication Carrick had been planning the attack between then and the shooting ten days later.

This is not the first time Carriker has had run-ins with the law. The suspect has misdemeanor drug and gun charges from 2003, which led to probation.



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Does the mainstream media need to bring back the ombudsman to restore credibility and trust? Liberal journalists should acknowledge it’s natural that people wronged by the Bidens would be welcomed by the conservative media, just as Trump-haters (like angry niece Mary Trump) would be celebrated by the liberal media.

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Does the mainstream media need to bring back the ombudsman to restore credibility and trust? Liberal journalists should acknowledge it’s natural that people wronged by the Bidens would be welcomed by the conservative media, just as Trump-haters (like angry niece Mary Trump) would be celebrated by the liberal media.

In case you didn’t know, the MSM tends to leave out stories and articles that point out the wrong doings of the Biden Administration and their far left allies.

But they don’t pass up an opportunity to report negatively on Conservatives even when they don’t have verification on the articles that they print. How do we correct that?

Here’s parts of an interesting article from The Poynter.

Despite a slight increase since 2016, the public’s low level of trust in the mainstream media is of deep concern for the future of journalism.

Nearly half of people surveyed listed inaccuracies, bias and “fake news” as factors in their low confidence. A general lack of credibility and the perception that reporting is based on opinions was also cited for the loss of trust. But the Gallup poll did offer a glimmer of hope. Nearly 70% of all respondents said they felt trust could be restored somehow.

Would the return of ombudsmen improve public trust in the mainstream media? If so, what changes in the traditional ombudsman role would make its use even more effective? Eight former ombudsmen weigh in with their thoughts on the current state of journalism and the role of ombudsmen in the era of online journalism.

“The ombudsman was thought to be an independent, autonomous person, on a level with the editor-in-chief of the paper’s organizational level, but not reporting to anyone in the newspaper,” said Mark Prendergast, who from 2009 to 2012 was the ombudsman at Stars and Stripes.


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DOJ files an appeal. Wishes to continue having Social Media block Conservatives.

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DOJ files an appeal. Wishes to continue having Social Media block Conservatives. It looks as if the DOJ is upset that the federal judge put a clamp on their ability to spread false information using Social Media. Well the judge had good reason to do this.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lashed out at the Trump judge for granting a preliminary injunction, blocking the federal government from censoring conservatives online.

The State Department canceled its future meetings with Facebook just one day after US District Court Judge Terry Doughty, a Trump appointee who still honors the US Constitution, accused the Biden Regime of violating the First Amendment by censoring unfavorable views in a blistering 155-page opinion.

So let’s see if it comes out that the government had other secret meetings with other Social Media Venues.




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Bill Ackman explains why he embraced RFK Jr.’s skepticism on COVID vaccines.

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Bill Ackman explains why he embraced RFK Jr.’s skepticism on COVID vaccines. This article from CNBC is mostly anti RFK JR., but they do allow Ackman to get his point across about why he changed his views on the COVID vaccines.

  • Bill Ackman, one of the most influential investors on Wall Street, has stunned his Wall Street peers by amplifying Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s vaccine skepticism.
  • “I listened to RFK on several podcasts and a town hall and thought he raised important issues about vaccines and other issues that were worth learning more about,” the Pershing Square CEO told CNBC.Bill Ackman said in 2021 that delaying Covid vaccinations for older Americans “seems like genocide.”Today, the influential hedge fund chief and investor is amplifying the anti-vaccine views of Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Ackman is not denying his change. In fact, he said Kennedy is asking “important questions” about vaccines, raising issues he is interested in learning more about.

    Several of Ackman’s recent tweets about Covid vaccines have stunned and confounded many of his colleagues on Wall Street, according to several people who have known and been allied with him for years. And it’s led both his allies and foes to ask the same question: Why is he doing this?

    Ackman answered that question in an interview with CNBC on Wednesday.

    “I listened to RFK on several podcasts and a town hall and thought he raised important issues about vaccines and other issues that were worth learning more about,” said Ackman, the CEO of Pershing Square Capital. “I don’t feel like we’ve fully answered questions about the safety of all vaccines, particularly more recently approved vaccines, and our approach to determining their safety and efficacy.”

    Ackman, a billionaire whose commentary can move markets, is the latest high profile executive to show support for Kennedy and his opinions.

    Wall Street veteran Omeed Malik is hosting a campaign fundraiser for Kennedy later this month in the Hamptons. Venture capitalist David Sacks and fellow tech leader Chamath Palihapitiya hosted a fundraiser for Kennedy in June, which raised approximately $500,000 for Kennedy’s campaign. Ackman would not say whether he planned to donate to Kennedy’s campaign for president.

    Ackman told CNBC his newfound worries about vaccines come from being a parent and a concerned citizen. He said Kennedy, in his view, is asking “important questions” about them. “Unfortunately, vaccines are not safety tested,” Kennedy said at a town hall late last month.

″@RobertKennedyJr and others have raised important questions about the safety of some vaccines and have sought explanations for the dramatic increases in the incidence of childhood allergies, autism, and other health issues. These are good questions that have not been adequately answered,” Ackman said in a tweet last month that quoted a video of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson arguing that Kennedy is getting the better of President Joe Biden in the early days of the Democratic primary campaign.

When asked if he believes whether Kennedy should be president, Ackman said: “I don’t yet know, but I think he is asking important questions and raising interesting issues that are worthy of discussion and debate.”

Ackman, who has backed Democrats in the past, also wouldn’t say whether he will back Biden.

“It depends on the alternatives at the time of the general election,” Ackman said. “My strong preference is that he announces now that he won’t run to create a more open field for other candidates.”

The man is a far left wing Progressive, but he’s having second thoughts on COVID and there’s nothing wrong with that. So let’s see if more Progressives come out of the closet and take a second look at the COVID misinformation.




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‘Sound of Freedom’ Nearly Tops Disney’s ‘Indy 5’ on 4th of July.

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‘Sound of Freedom’ Nearly Tops Disney’s ‘Indy 5’ on 4th of July.

A great Breitbart article.

Angel Studios’ Sound of Freedom opened Tuesday, July 4, to an astonishing $11.6 million, which nearly topped the July 4 take of Disney’s Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

Some caveats apply, all of them in Sound of Freedom’s favor… To begin with, Dial of Destiny played in 2,000 more theaters than Sound of Freedom. Second, and this is really something, Sound of Freedom sold $14.2 million worth of tickets Tuesday, which tops Dial of Destiny and makes the Christian-themed film America’s top 4th of July ticket seller.

The reason those “extra” ticket sales don’t officially count is because those tickets were not used. The additional sales were part of the movie’s “pay it forward” program, where people who enjoy the movie purchase a ticket for someone else. That’s some pretty smart marketing.

IndieWire points out this beauty…

In one day, “Freedom” grossed more the full domestic runs of recent awards contenders like “The Banshees of Inisherin,” “TAR,” and “Women Talking.” Its gross nearly doubles that of current independent hit “Past Lives.”

Sound of Freedom stars Jim Caviezel and Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino. Caviezel plays Tim Ballard, a real-life U.S. government agent who quit his job at Homeland Security to rescue children from drug cartels and sex traffickers in Latin America.

President Donald Trump, center, speaks as Kirstjen Nielsen, U.S. secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), and Timothy Ballard, founder and chief executive officer of Operation Underground Railroad, left, listen during a meeting about human trafficking on the southern border at the White House in Washington, D.C., on February 1, 2019. (Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Here’s where this box office story becomes even more glorious…

Sound of Freedom was produced in 2018, five full years ago, and 20th Century Fox acquired the distribution rights. But after Disney acquired Fox in early 2019, it shelved the movie. It then took the producers years to acquire the distribution rights back from Disney.

Angel Studios, the company behind the worldwide hit The Chosen, acquired Sound of Freedom in 2023, and it now owns what will almost certainly be the most profitable independent movie of the year — a movie that, in a single day, outgrossed the total gross of three of last year’s Oscar contenders.

So why would the Disney Grooming Syndicate dump a movie with a meager $15 million production budget starring a bankable star like Jim Caviezel and a full-blown Oscar winner like Mira Sorvino?


Easy answer… Under CEO Bob Iger, Disney became demonic, and today’s very different and morally corrupted Disney wants nothing to do with anything Christian. Secondly, the same Disney that is now so aggressively defending child groomers and engaging in grooming and sexualizing little kids likely wanted nothing to do with a movie that condemns child sex trafficking. Finally, look back at the political climate in 2019. Iger has made no secret of his desire to run for president as a Democrat, and no Democrat wants to be associated with a movie that appeals to MAGA Christian Red State Tards like me.

Ah, but the arc of history does bend toward justice, doesn’t it? The Disney Grooming Syndicate has released one money-losing flop after another. But Sound of Freedom will go on to make a nice, fat profit (Sound of Freedom is projected to gross anywhere from $20 to $28 million by Monday). Oh, and Sound of Freedom just handed Disney’s Dial of Destiny flop another humiliating headline.

The shareholders must be thrilled.

Between Sound of FreedomThe ChosenHis Only Son, and others, Angel Studios is achieving what Disney has lost: audience trust and goodwill. People are starting to see the Angel Studio brand as not only trustworthy when it comes to the kind of content they want, but also — and most importantly — the quality of that content (Sound of Freedom earned a rare A+ from CinemaScore). That special status is very difficult to earn and very easy to lose (just ask the child exploiters at Disney … or take a gander at the company’s stock price, lol).



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Walensky’s hypocritical exit from the CDC.

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Walensky’s hypocritical exit from the CDC.

This week, The Wall Street Journal reports that Rochelle Walensky steps down as CDC director and warns the public to be on guard against misinformation and the politicisation of science.

Ironically, this comes after two and a half years of Walensky misinforming the public and politicising the science.

I have documented how Walensky misled Congress on various issues, including covid vaccine effectiveness against viral transmission and on Cochrane’s review of face masks.

Walensky testified that her public statement on MSNBC in March 2021 about how “vaccinated people do not carry the virus, they do not get sick” was accurate. But even today, the FDA states that efficacy against transmission is unproven.

Walensky also said that the summary of Cochrane’s review of face masks had been “retracted.” But it was neither retracted, nor had the authors of the review changed the language in the summary.

A recent, damning study by Krohnert et al, solidifies criticism of the agency.  The researchers compiled instances of numerical and statistical errors made by the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After reviewing CDC publications, press releases, interviews, meetings, and Twitter accounts, they found a total of 25 instances where Walensky’s agency promoted demonstrably false numbers and statistical errors.

The majority (80%) of these instances exaggerated the severity of the COVID-19 situation. For example, on Oct 27, 2021, Walensky said “there have been 745 deaths in children less than 18,” but the National Center for Health Statistics showed it was 558 deaths.

At a White House COVID-19 briefing on Jun 23, 2022, Walensky claimed that COVID-19 was a “top 5 cause of death” in children, which was also untrue.

And in Feb this year, Walensky testified before Congress that there had been “2000 paediatric deaths from COVID-19”, when in fact, it was 1400-1500.

In some cases, the errors were not corrected, or the errors were repeated. Notably, the vast majority of errors (94%) made by the CDC pertained to exaggerated COVID-19 risks to children, which the authors say would have influenced the discussion of pandemic policies.

“The CDC’s errors have likely led the public to believe children’s risks are higher than they truly are,” wrote the authors.

“CDC’s guidance repeatedly called for restrictions being placed on children, including school closures, mask mandates, and strong recommendations for vaccinations and multiple boosters even among children who have recovered from the virus,” they added.

Consequently, the authors suggested that the agency responsible for reporting health statistics should be firewalled from the agency setting health policy – something that would avoid biased statistics or the politicisation of the science.

CDC delusion


At the commencement of her tenure at the CDC, Walensky wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times saying she found it “extremely disturbing” hearing reports that White House officials in the Trump administration interfered with official guidance of the CDC.

“I believe in the agency’s mission and commitment to knowledge, statistics and guidance. I will do so by leading with facts, science and integrity and being accountable for them,” wrote Walensky.

But the public has not witnessed any accountability – the opposite in fact. Now that her tenure is over, Walensky remains defiant as she reflects on her time as director.

“We made this world a safer place. I have never been prouder of anything I have done in my professional career,” said Walensky after announcing her resignation.

The Biden administration has since nominated Dr Mandy Cohen, an internal medicine physician and former state health secretary in North Carolina, as the new CDC director to replace Walensky.

But many fear that Cohen will implement more of the same unevidenced, misguided health policies as her predecessor.

Mandy Cohen, CDC director seen wearing a “Dr Fauci” face mask.

Cohen supported forcibly masking children in schools, and promoted cloth masks despite no evidence for their effectiveness at stopping viral spread, which many say, should have been immediately disqualifying for the position.


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Federal Judge Accuses Biden Regime of Violating First Amendment in Blistering Opinion: “Orwellian” Censorship of Conservatives.

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Federal Judge Accuses Biden Regime of Violating First Amendment in Blistering Opinion: “Orwellian” Censorship of Conservatives.

US District Court Judge Terry Doughty,  who still honors the US Constitution, accused the Biden Regime of violating the First Amendment by censoring unfavorable views in a blistering 155-page opinion.

The judge called the Biden Regime’s efforts “Orwellian.”

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, a period perhaps best characterized by widespread doubt and uncertainty, the United States Government seems to have assumed a role similar to an Orwellian ‘Ministry of Truth,’” Judge Doughty wrote.

“This targeted suppression of conservative ideas is a perfect example of viewpoint discrimination of political speech,” he continued. “American citizens have the right to engage in free debate about the significant issues affecting the country … the evidence produced thus far depicts an almost dystopian scenario.”

That led to this.

A  federal judge issued a preliminary injunction prohibiting DHS, FBI, DOJ, and other agencies from its government-wide, fascist conspiracy with Big Tech to censor speech and manipulate the public.




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