You need proof? Hunter and Joe having access to the same account.

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You don’t need to look far to see how the DOJ ( Even under President Trump ) was acting to protect Joe Biden. And it continued in January 2021. A inquiry of Impeachment would fill in more of the blanks.

Most damning: Hunter Biden has never denied these accounts. And, other than his now non-credible assertions that he never discussed business with his son, neither has Joe Biden.

In one 2019 text message, Hunter Biden whines to his daughter Naomi that he has had to “pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years”; he adds, “Unlike pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary.” 

Other evidence that Joe benefited from Hunter’s purported corrupt dealings is contained in emails that document Hunter in 2010 paying for repairs and upkeep to Joe’s house while the latter was V.P.

Hunter’s business partner Eric Schwerin emailed Hunter that he received Joe Biden’s “Delaware tax refund check,” indicating access to and likely management of the vice president’s finances. Also, as the New York Post reported last year, “In May 2018 during a drug and alcohol binge in Los Angeles, Hunter Biden accidentally transferred around $25,000 to an escort named “Gulnora.” He was immediately visited by the Secret Service — suggesting that the money came from a joint account with his father. Hunter received a series of text messages from a former agent who repeatedly urged him to come out of his hotel room and reminded him “this is linked to Celtic’s account.” “Celtic” was Joe Biden’s Secret Service code name when he was vice president.” Not many grown adults co-mingle their finances with their parents. 


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